Build-A-Beard Kit



Custom Beard Kit!  

Everything and anything you could possibly need and more!  Choose your own scents and we’ll help you do the rest!  You get a beard brush to help work in the beard balm of your choice, and a limited edition Ox Horn Beard Comb to easily style your beard.  Don’t forget to match the mustache wax to your color beard.  We give you all the options to keep that beard looking and smelling luxuriously savage at all times. We will even throw in a sleek leather toiletry bag so you can travel like a boss., Made For A Man, Loved By Women.




Build-a-Beard: Create Your Own Beard Kit!

►Leather Toiletry Bag Includes:
• .5oz Beard Oil
• 1oz Beard Balm
• 1oz Mustache Wax
• Ox Horn Beard Comb
• Grooved Boars Hair Beard Brush

Beard Gains Grooved Brush:
Superior beard brush made from pine with notched and smoothed grips for an undeniable comfortable hold. It’s like adding laces to a football. High-grade boars hair not too hard, not too soft, but just right. Fits perfect in your pocket, you’ll never need another brush again.

Ox Horn Beard Comb:
More durable than plastic and a unique mixture of colors makes this comb stand out from everyone else’s dull wooden comb. Hit the sun just right and you’ll get a nice glow that really makes the BG logo pop. Rounded edges and nicely gapped teeth for a stress-free comb through that flows on even the toughest of beards. One of our more comfortable combs and the craftsmanship shows as this comb is purely for performance and function.

Beard Gains Beard Oil:
Luxury oils imported directly from India, Beard Gains has the purest, most expensive oils blended and bottled to perfection for your beard. No corners cut, all of our concoctions are vigorously tested to ensure no rash, redness or irritation.
-Some oil blends have taken upwards of 10-12 months of research & development till perfected.

Scent Strength: 5/5
We invite you to look up the very definition of “pristine” and you’ll see this beard oil is with fitting purpose. Our Pristine scent is the backbone of this entire Beard Gains operation. The scent that created our slogan “Made For A Man, Loved By Women.” Strong, manly, heavenly to women, and our #1 Seller and is described as, “Out of the shower clean with a spritz of a fresh smelling cologne.”

Scent Strength: 5/5
The bar was set with the first Pristine scent above, but we strike when the iron is hot and we kept pushing for a higher level of prestigiousness. This scent is one of our simpler mixes but that definitely does NOT mean it’s not a winner.  Why?  Because this scent was influenced and created by women first, and once they were happy, we gave it to the men.  The Prestige scent has been a hit ever since…  it was a champion breed since the day it was born.

Scent Strength: 5/5
A melting pot of bold and woodsy with orange praises and a honey backing, there’s no dethroning this heroic bloodline of scents. Just spear this on each side of your lion mane and stone carved cheekbones and you’ll have more Athena’s at your side than a Cerberus has heads. The real details are in the complex mastery blend of essentials which will remain secret, but we will boastfully admit that it does contain a very generous amount of the very pricey East Indian Sandalwood in a combination of 11 other essential oils.

Scent Strength: 5/5

Pristine Mustache Wax:
Exclusive blends made with natural and organic ingredients derived from a goat farm in the Southern hills of Alabama. Each ounce of this very product is carefully handmade & tested for quality before being sealed to lock in the scent.
-Creative minds coming together, we offer four preventative haze colored waxes to best suit your mustache needs. Lastly, don’t forget to check out our variety of mini mustache combs!

• Mold, Hold & Tame Your Mustache
• Preventative Haze Formula
• Add Texture
• Add Volume
• Designed For Your Hair Color
*Firm mustache wax is formulated for molding & styling.

Beard Gains Beard Balm:
The bar is set high with this superior, awesome smelling beard balm that’s guaranteed to make your beard healthier, softer, & smell amazing! Each balm is carefully handcrafted from premium all natural & organic ingredients off a free-range goat milk farm in the Southern hills of Alabama.
-After quality tested & approved, each balm is then poured & sealed to effectively lock in the same compelling scent since day one.

• Mold, hold, & tame wild hairs
• Immediately adds texture & density
• Enhance beard growth
• Promote thicker, healthier hair
• Soften dry hair
• Restore & repair damaged split ends
• Add brilliant shimmer & sheen
• Help eliminate beard dandruff & itchy skin
• Easy grip leather case
• Sealed for freshness & your protection
• Made for a man, loved by women

Beard Conditioner:
The bar is set high with this superior, awesome smelling beard conditioner that’s guaranteed to make your beard softer, cleaner, and your skin healthier! Made from goat milk, these free roam goats are specially fed and nourished to produce a higher vitamin enriched milk to produce a premium product like no other. After quality tested & approved each bar is then bagged & sealed to lock in the same compelling scent since day one.
-Each bar takes a curing process of four weeks before readily available with an extravagant shelf life of 4-5 years.

• Cocoa Butter
• Shea Butter
• Coconut Oil
• Almond Oil
• Bees Wax
• Essential Oil Blends
• Fragrance (Naturally Derived)

Additional information

Weight0.1125 lbs
Balm Scent:

Pristine, Valhalla

Oil Scent:

Valhalla, Pristine, Spartan

Wax Color:

Black, Brown, White, Red