Prestige Beard Oil


Prestige beard oil was going to be the nail in the coffin after our Pristine Beard Oil was created, but when the iron strikes hot, you keep pushing for a higher level of prestigiousness. One of our simpler mixes but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s not a winner.  This beard oil was influenced by women first, then approved by men… it was a champion breed since the day it was born.

Size Options:
0.5 fl oz / 15 ml = 2weeks – 1 month supply
1 fl oz / 30 ml = 1 – 2 month supply
3 fl oz / 90 ml = 3 – 6 month supply (Refill Bottle)


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Proper, elegant, and cologne like, this classy beard oil will attract the classiest of ladies. Every man has their story & here’s where it begins. Success, rank, wealth, only the most daring rub this oil into their beard. Masculine manly scented with a dash of admiration and respect. It’s not by chance any man with this in his beard reaches the achievement of perfection.

Comprised of 3 basic carrier oils great for hair: Grape seed, Argan, Jojoba. One of two oils in combination with a super secret fragrance naturally derived. Carefully measured for just the right impact, there’s an art in balance and we got it figured out.


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