Pristine Beard Shampoo


Superior scented fragrance naturally derived, Pristine is our top selling choice and it comes with no surprise. After you dazzle your senses with it’s addictive aroma, it’s only complaint has been that the scent is too strong…Why thank you! Nobody wants a weak scented man! With a cologne like smell that women definitely approve of, there’s no reason to put anything on your hair or skin that’s not Pristine.

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Your beard needs a cleaning and our brilliantly formulated beard shampoo with our top selling Pristine scent is just what the ladies ordered! We’ve tested our ingredients to make sure they are gentle enough for all hair types and gives that healthy bubbly lather for that extra clean feel. Pairs perfectly with our Pristine beard conditioner for the ultimate manly freshness that’s Made For A Man, Loved By Women. For extra sensitive skin with severe beard dandruff, try our organic Pristine beard soap made from goat milk. The perfect beard healer and wash!

Nourish your beard by feeding it the proper cleanliness that’s made for a man, loved by women!
  • Create smoother, softer beard hair
  • Remove grime & dirt
  • Support beard growth
  • Smell irresistible
Directions Beard Shampoo:
  • Make sure your beard is very wet prior to shampooing.
  • Use a dime or nickel sized drop depending on beard length.
  • Rub in your hands and apply from the ends up to the skin.
  • Let sit for 1-2 minutes.
  • Rinse very well and wash a second time, using less shampoo.
  • Rinse & rinse again – It is very important to get all the shampoo out.
  • Follow up with Pristine Conditioner or Beard Soap for itchy skin & beard dandruff.

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