Bass Fishing Facial Hair Comb


Just like the sporty nature of the Largemouth Bass, our Bass Fishing facial hair comb is an incredible tool for grooming facial hair on-the-go. Designed with a handle that’s symbolic of the Largemouth Bass fish, this comb works great on all types of facial hair. It creates a more relaxed and outstanding appeal on all beard types. Its teeth are well shaped and sanded to a fine texture for an enjoyable facial hair grooming experience. Our Bass Fishing facial hair comb is constructed from premium wood that has been proven durable, strong and lightweight. The colors of this facial hair comb vary from dark to light wood.

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Real wood allows your beard comb to soak in both one of our amazing beard oils, but also the natural oils of your skins and beard.  Our beard combs are already very unique but after 1-2 weeks use, they become one of a kind.

*Individual color will vary between light and dark wood but will always resemble real wood.

• Constructed Of Premium Wood
• 3 Stage Hand Sanding For Furniture Grade Smoothness
• Individually Stress Tested
• Extremely Durable, Lightweight & Superior Quality

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