Marvel Comics Punisher Skull Beard Comb V2


Even if you are not an enthusiast of Marvel Comics’ The Punisher, our Marvel Comics Punisher Skull beard comb V2 will still provide the best beard care. This beard comb is crafted by Beard Gains’ finest artisans to a smooth and durable finish. This enables it to easily penetrate your beards without causing discomfort. Additionally, it has minimal teeth that can safely work on both short and full-grown beards. Our Marvel Comics Punisher Skull beard comb V2 is carved into a perfect replica of the Punisher skull. You can order the wooden comb from us in cherry, walnut or maple woods.

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Real wood allows your beard comb to soak in both one of our amazing beard oils, but also the natural oils of your skins and beard.  Our beard combs are already very unique but after 1-2 weeks use, they become one of a kind.

*Individual color will vary between light and dark wood but will always resemble real wood.

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