Pity The Beardless Beard Comb


In the world of the bearded, you don’t just need to feel sorry for the beardless men. You should pity them. And, nothing brings out this message better than our Pity the Beardless Beard Comb. This is a high quality, durable, real wood comb. It is designed to help bearded men express their personality in style. It comes with a leather case whose top cover’s design matches a key chain. This case makes carrying the comb anywhere you desire possible and easy. If you need a comb that enables you to attend to your beard anytime and anywhere, invest in our Pity the Beardless Beard Comb today.

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Real wood allows your beard comb to soak in both one of our amazing beard oils, but also the natural oils of your skins and beard.  Our beard combs are already very unique but after 1-2 weeks use, they become one of a kind.

*Individual color will vary between light and dark wood but will always resemble real wood.
**Affordably manufactured overseas (not from China) by a Beard Gains employee.

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