StormTrooper Facial Hair Comb V2


If you are a true fan of the Star Wars’ Storm troopers and you have beards or planning to grow facial hair, our Storm Trooper facial hair comb V2 is an ideal beard grooming accessory for you. The artistic ingenuity that is reflected by the design of this comb makes it a great choice even for non-Star Wars fans. We have made this comb using maple, poplar, and walnut woods. These are safe, long lasting, and light weight materials. For a smooth touch on your skin and facial hair, the surface and teeth of our Strom Trooper facial hair comb V2 are finely sanded in three stages. This makes it our comb a must-have beard grooming tool.

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Real wood allows your beard comb to soak in both one of our amazing beard oils, but also the natural oils of your skins and beard.  Our beard combs are already very unique but after 1-2 weeks use, they become one of a kind.

*Individual color will vary between light and dark wood but will always resemble real wood.

• Constructed Of Premium Wood
• 3 Stage Hand Sanding For Furniture Grade Smoothness
• Individually Stress Tested
• Extremely Durable, Lightweight & Superior Quality

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