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Our Deep Six beard oil was intended to be our lightest of the family with a fruity lemon appeal. Welp, we found out real quick that’s not what a dude wants on his well-groomed mop whiskers, so a change was in order. Topping the complexity charts and dominating the practical meter, we smashed everything reasonable with a draw dropping 15 essential oil combo that Killer Instinct would even be impressed by.

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0.5 fl oz / 15 ml = 1 month supply
1 fl oz / 30 ml = 2 month supply + Free Case
3 fl oz / 90 ml = 6 month supply (Refill Bottle)

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We truly believe this fusion of oils is at a point where there are so many aromas, that the only thing your brain can comprehend is, “it’s good.” After a two-year preparation, in March of 2017, we added a pinch of cinnamon bark and well, this beard ship has had the wind in its sails ever since. It’s warm, oaky, pleasant to the nostrils qualities will have the ladies calling you captain before even asking your name.

Comprised of 3 basic carrier oils great for hair: Grape seed, Argan, Jojoba. However, this heavy piece of machinery runs off a staggering number of essential oils for that effortless day in and day out grind. This blend we will boastfully admit does contain a very generous amount of the very pricey East Indian Sandalwood in combination with 14 other essential oils.

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