Mustache Wax


Exclusive blends made with natural and organic ingredients derived from a goat farm in the Southern hills of Alabama. Each ounce of this very product is carefully hand made & tested for quality perfection before being sealed to lock in the scent.

-Creative minds coming together, we offer four preventative haze colored waxes to best suit your mustache needs. Made for a man, loved by women.

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We are proudly the only company that manufactures color matched mustache wax to your hair. Using all organic ingredients for coloring you can comfortable add as much as our wax as needed to get the hold you need and say bye bye to that aggravating waxy haze!

• 1oz Color Mustache Wax

• Mold, Hold & Tame Your Mustache
• Preventative Haze Formula
• Add Texture
• Add Volume
• Designed For Your Hair Color

• Use back of thumb & scrap a pea size ball of wax onto finger tip.
• Rub fingers together till wax is warm & melted.
• Deeply massage into your mustache & spread out evenly bottom to top.
• Style & reapply as necessary
• Approximate 3-4 month supply

• Cocoa Butter
• Shea Butter
• Coconut Oil
• Almond Oil
• Bees Wax
• Essential Oil Blends
• Fragrance (Naturally Derived)

*Medium mustache wax provides a moderate hold.
*Firm mustache wax is formulated for molding & styling.

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