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The Lifespan of Beard Dye: What to Expect

All beardsmen know one thing — the hair on your head isn’t all that’s susceptible to going gray. Whether you’re not ready to embrace the change or you want to dye your beard for any other reason, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn about beard dye's lifespan and what to expect when dyeing your beard.

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How Long Does Beard Dye Last?

The lifespan of beard dye depends on various factors, including the type of dye you use.

You'll find four different beard dyes, each lasting for a different length of time. Factors like facial hair type, texture, and beard care routine affect how long beard dye lasts.

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The Lifespan of Permanent Beard Dye

Nothing is permanent — not even permanent beard dye; although it is the longest-lasting way to color your beard. The color will likely last for a few months, but it will start fading, and you’ll notice your roots growing out after around four weeks.

This four-week mark is when you would begin thinking about dyeing your beard again; however, it also depends on the above-mentioned factors and how quickly your facial hair grows.

The Lifespan of Semi-Permanent Beard Dye

Semi-permanent beard dyes are similar to permanent dyes but often contain fewer chemicals, making them fade away faster.

These dyes are effective for around six weeks, but the color will fade quickly — as early as two weeks after applying them. 

The Lifespan of Temporary Beard Dye

Temporary beard dyes work differently than the other two we’ve discussed; instead of penetrating your hair, these dyes coat the color on top. They are a great way to experiment with different colors and styles, but they quickly fade once you wash your beard.

You can use temporary beard dye to cover some gray spots quickly but don’t expect the color to last more than a day or two before it washes out of your hair.

The Lifespan of Henna Beard Dye

Another natural way some people dye their beard is with a henna-based dye — a good alternative to permanent and semi-permanent dyes. It will last about four weeks but works differently than other types of beard due; henna dyes don’t penetrate your hair.

While it does last significantly longer than temporary dyes, the more often you wash your hair, the sooner a henna-based beard dye will wash away.

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Should You Dye Your Beard? What to Expect When Dyeing Your Beard

Dyeing your beard is an easy way to cover up your gray hair — however, it’s crucial to understand a few things about beard dye.

You want to ensure the beard dye you use is made for beards; avoid generic hair dye or low-quality beard products you can find at the grocery store. You don’t want to damage your beard or irritate your skin.

Choosing the Right Color

Other than choosing the right dye, choosing the right color is crucial — you don’t want to end up with an unnatural look. We recommend choosing a color that’s slightly lighter than your current beard color.

If you have extremely dark or black facial hair, you’ll want to go with a dark brown dye so that it’s not too dark that it causes an unnatural contrast with your skin color. On the other hand, if you have lighter hair, avoid trying to dye your facial hair darker or it will likely look odd.

In addition, darker dyes might help if you have a round face by forming a shadow line that makes it appear thinner.

Finally, if you have light skin, brownish and red shades often work best and won’t exaggerate your pale features.

How to Prepare Your Beard for Dyeing

If you plan to dye your beard, preparation is key.

Perform a Patch Test

The beard dye you choose, no matter how high quality it is, can potentially irritate your skin or trigger an allergic reaction. So before you start dyeing your facial hair, test out the beard dye on a small, unnoticeable piece of skin.

For example, you can put a drop on your wrist or arm — if there is no reaction by the next day, you should be good to go.

Wash Your Beard

You want to start with a clean beard — wash it thoroughly with your favorite beard shampoo before dyeing. Beard shampoo gets out product build-up and residue without removing your hair’s natural oils that it needs to thrive.

Apply the Dye.

Now for the fun part: Applying the dye to your beard. If you’re dyeing your beard at home, don’t forget to read the instructions — every brand of dye is different. 

You’ll also want to use gloves so you don’t stain your hands before mixing the color and developer together. Then, brush the dye evenly throughout your beard.

Finally, after the dye sits for however long the instructions state, rinse it out. Now you should have the facial hair color you wanted.

How to Maintain Your Beard After Dyeing

Now that you dyed your beard, it’s time for maintenance.

  • Is your beard looking too dark? Wash it. Even permanent dye isn’t permanent; the more often you wash your beard, the quicker the color will fade.
  • Is your beard or skin irritated? Oil it. Every bearded man needs beard oil. It moisturizes your skin and facial hair, softening and strengthening it. Beard oil can also help lock in the dye to keep your color longer.
  • If your beard dye fading? Touch it up. Depending on the beard dye you use, you’ll need to touch up the color every month or so to keep it looking fresh and consistent — but don’t dye it more frequently than that.

The key to a well-maintained dye beard is all in your beard care routine — get the beard care products you need here.

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Ready to Dye?

No matter your reason for dyeing your beard, we say go for it — but ensure you do it safely. You’ll need dye designed for facial hair and a high-quality beard shampoo, conditioner, and oil to keep your newly-colored beard looking its best.

And while our first choice will always be having a professional dye your beard, we know that’s not feasible for many of us. So load up on the right products, read through our guide, ensure you understand how to use the dye you buy, and get coloring.

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