About Beard Gains

Beard Gains provides quality beard products like beard balm, beard oil, beard conditioner, beard growth vitamins, mustache wax, beard kits, and beard combs, among others. Our goal is to help the everyday man to better manage and maintain a groomed, dapper-looking, happy beard and healthy face.

Beard Gains products are essentially aimed to take great care of facial hair specifically, but our beard care line begins with the foundation of using the absolute best ingredients possible in order to enhance the quality of your skin.  This will lead to growing a fuller, thicker face of hair.  We know and live by the motto that a well-maintained beard is not just fantastic for your outward appearance in a room full of beardless men, but it’s also important for your natural health, mind, and overall body care.

It’s no doubt that men with a properly maintained, soft-to-the-touch beard, look way more attractive than men with an unkempt beard. That’s where Beard Gains comes in and that’s why it’s vital to trim your beard, keep it clean, and hydrate it for maximum results.

It is a FACT that upon first impressions, people respect and take men more seriously when they have a beard. Therefore, BeardGains.com is dedicated to taking this first impression opportunity once step further.

Our Beard Care Products

A beard is something that grows on men’s faces by default (for must of us). However, some men opt to shave their beard because they don’t know how to take care of it or because society says so. Well, no longer should a man ever shave his beard because of the infamous “itchy face”, “irritated skin”, “bumps”, “rash or redness” because our products will eradicate these symptoms (excuses) altogether. Our beard grooming tools, beard care products will make your beard growing and grooming experience a sinful, addictive pleasure.

Why do men wear cologne or want to smell good? 9 times out of 10, it is to woo a woman.

The Pristine beard care line offers a manly, freshly clean scent that is the backbone of this entire Beard Gains empire. Why has it become the backbone? Because women created it.  We had a handful of women create a scent for us because we wanted all of our products to be, “Made for a Man, Loved by Women.”

The Pristine scent, along with Prestige & Valhalla, follows this mantra to the A and we couldn’t be prouder with the results. 

What’s Crucial To Us?

Beard Gains wants to bring you the best beard care products, PERIOD. We literally have searched domestic and abroad for the absolute best essential oils that money can buy.  You have not experienced beard oil until you have tried ours. We’ve analyzed different beard products in the market, we’ve visited the beard competitions and hair shows, and it is without a doubt that we offer the best quality beard products for your buck hands down. We know the importance of your beard and we bring you products that make taking proper care of it easy.

We have the most expensive ingredients, we have the most potent beard vitamins on the market, our beard comb collection is the largest in the world and is also made here in the USA, and our beard balm is organic and handmade in the hills of Alabama.

We simply do things differently… and we do it better.

We know the importance of quality beard hygiene and we guarantee to offer the products which will take the once tedious process of grooming a beard and turn it into a delightful walk down Easy St and will take your beard status to a whole other level.

My name is Zach Stephenson and I am the CEO and founder of Beard Gains. 

To me this company is a culmination of hipster, attitude, tats, and grit, offering superior merchandise at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Proudly presenting innovative creations made in the USA and stellar customer service, our goal is to be above the best in every facet.

Suggestions, recommendations, corrective criticism?  Please let us know!  Visit our Contact Us page or simply email Info@BeardGains.com directly.

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