Beard Balm

Valhalla Beard Balm - Beard Gains

Beard balm refers to a pomade type substance that is made by heating and cooling a mixture of sealants and moisturizers. The texture is somewhat the same as that of light hair wax or a lip balm.

What Is Beard Balm Made Out Of?

Balms are mostly made from a blend of various oils and different kinds of butter. Some of the different oils include babassu oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, as well as other essential oil blends that we’ve created. The different types of butter usually include: Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter and have also been known for containing beeswax and different fragrances/scents.

Is Beard Balm An Essential Beard Care Product?

Yes. A resounding, yes. The beeswax and shea butter in balm aid as a beard conditioner hile providing a light to medium hold depending on which strength you choose. The added hold strength and thickness will help you mold and tame those pesky stray beard hairs providing a manageable solution to a hassling hairy situation. Our perfected concoction of organic and natural ingredients also adds nourishment to your skin and hair, prevents breakage, split ends, irritation, and more, all while enhancing natural growth.

How To Apply Beard Balm Properly

Scoop the balm with the back of your thumbnail or even better, with our complimentary mini beard comb. After getting a nice little dime-sized scoop, warm it on the palm of your hands for a nice even application. Apply the melted balm palms flat on your beard and shape as needed. Reapply as necessary. You will realize the effect of the natural wax on your beard immediately as it noticeably becomes thicker, denser, and manlier.

Why Choose Beard Balm From Beard Gains?

To us the answer is obvious, we simply have the best formula out there. It’s absolutely perfect. We’ve taken all the cons mentioned about balms from other competitors and leave your beard with only the honey pot. Handmade in the Southern hills of Alabama on an old wise goat milk farm by the elegant touch of women. Holding true our slogan is not without reason, “Made for a man, loved by women.” Battled tested and with your conclusive feedback, our healthy organic blends provide the best benefits, top notch scents, zero residues, and we do it all with no corners cut. We don’t make a cheap product and sell it cheap, we make a quality product and price it affordably.

What Is Beard Balm Best Used With?

This product is best used prior to applying our beard oil for the ultimate performance. Balm is your mold, hold, and tame while our beard oil acts as the clean-up batter. Providing extra shine, adding weight to your hairs to help straighten, and most importantly sealing in your balm for a longer-lasting all-day application. Created to pair with matching scents that drive the women crazy! Made for a man, loved by women.