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When you think of any type of conditioner, one can assume that it will soften and smooth out whatever it touches. Our beard conditioner and beard softener do just that… and more! “Made For A Man, Loved By Women.” Our slogan and staple that backs each and every one of our products. Strong, manly, & heavenly to women.  This is one of the many essential beard care products

What Is A Beard Conditioner?

A beard conditioner is a beard care product that is applied to your facial hair and rinsed in order to soften, clean, and hydrate the beard.

What Is Beard Gains’ Beard Conditioner Made Of?

Our beard conditioner is special because it’s made from goats milk. Loaded with healthy fats and vitamins from the milk and combined with organic butters and oils, we add extra health improvements above and beyond our competitors. Handmade in the Southern hills of Alabama off an aged free-range goat farm, our bars take four weeks to cure with a shelf life of 5 years. Our ladies who make these soaps have been doing it for years and it shows with immediate gratifying results.

What Is Beard Gains’ Beard Conditioner Used For?

The goat milk really is the ace in the hole. Known for many advantageous benefits to the skin, our conditioner has many uses above and beyond just beard hair. Beard dandruff and itch is a real problem, our conditioner is a healer on top of being a softener and a wash. Conquer itch, irritation, dandruff, and other skin conditions on top of preventing damaged hairs, split ends, and breakage, all while maintaining face fur like a vicuna.

Why Choose Beard Gains’ Beard Conditioner?

The proof is in the pudding as they say. We are easily a step ahead, it’s the pros versus junior varsity and on top of that it’s our homecoming weekend. Already having years of experience on our side in these handmade bars before beards were even a thing, all we had to do was tailor the recipe. Quality tested & approved, each softener is bagged & sealed immediately in order to lock in its striking aroma of manliness. Eliminate the excuses that once prohibited a comfortable fur mug, go please your beard and satisfy your woman.

How Do You Use Beard Conditioner?

A wash-out beard conditioner should be used with a beard shampoo in the shower while washing a beard. A wash-out beard conditioner is rinsed after washing the beard. However, a leave-in beard conditioner can also be used. This is a conditioner that is applied after washing the beard and left throughout the day. An ideal beard conditioner makes facial hair strands healthier while preventing flaking, getting raw, and breaking out of the face.

What Is Beard Conditioner Best Used With?

This product works great with a good beard shampoo and/or beard balm. But ultimately, these beard softeners work fantastic with our beard oil.  You will have a noticeably healthier, silkier, and smoother beard after the very first use!

Benefits of Beard Conditioners / Softeners:

• Enhance Beard Growth
• Rehydrate, Condition & Soften Dry Skin & Hair
• Promote Thicker, Healthier Hair
• Restore & Repair Damaged Split Ends
• Help Eliminate Beard Dandruff & Itch.
• Loaded With Healthy Fats, Vitamins D, C, B1, B6, & E.