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Why Beards Should Be Allowed In Corporate Settings

Beards have been around since the beginning of human existence, caveman days if you will. Therefore, growing facial hair is sometimes perceived as being uncivilized, unclean, or unkempt. With that being said, beards are natural and they shouldn’t be judged so harshly. Scenario: Man need job. Man will hunt job. Wait… man need shave beard first? Grrrrrr… *pounds chest and throws a boulder* (Caveman play-on) I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation of needing a job in one point of our lives and right as we walk into that bathroom to get ready… we are instantly interrogated by our mirror, shaving cream, and razor… Unfortunately, many employees and job seekers are plagued with this tough decision when it comes to shaving or keeping their beards. That’s because some employers are against growing facial hair and some aren’t just against it… but forbid it completely! Thankfully, over the last couple years, an increasing number of beard products are hitting the markets. Such products include: With this advancement in beard care, individuals, employers, and groups are becoming more accepting and supportive of the idea of allowing beards in the workplace. Here are some of the reasons why beards should be allowed not just in the workplace but also allowed in corporate settings:

Beards Are All About Style

Just like the hair on your head, growing or shaving beards is a matter of personal style. The hair on your head can grow just as unruly as the hair on your face, but with proper hair care and beard care products, both can be not only well tamed, but also very well groomed.

“If a man holds the hair on his face to the same standard as the hair on his head… no man can judge, hygiene will never be of question, because maintaining an immaculate beard takes a ton of effort.”Zach Stephenson, CEO of BeardGains.com

By allowing beards at the corporate settings and workplaces, organizations will bring in diversity in style. Therefore, employees should be allowed to grow and style their beards as long as they keep it clean, fresh in appearance, and well groomed. Basically, cleanliness is the most important aspect. A person can shave their beard and still look unclean. Organizations should basically emphasize on keeping beards clean whether long or short, but not rule them out completely.

Beards Represent Dominance and Aggression

Beards are a natural indication and of the active testosterone in a male’s body. If a man has a thick and prominent beard, the human brain recognizes this and links it to dominance and aggression even if the person with the beard doesn’t have these traits. There’s been studies, it’s been proven.

Obviously, these traits are needed in different situations, but a man shouldn’t be judged because he has a full, thick, voluptuous beard… but should be judged by his character.

Beards Represent Power and Maturity

A beard is directly linked with a man’s age and physical maturity. A beard is indirectly linked but often associated with power, maturity, and higher social status. Every King and God in our history books had a beard… it’s a symbol of dominance and let’s be honest, every man wants to feel powerful at his workplace. Let’s run a quick test… here are two pictures: Both male’s wearing tailored suits, well groomed, displaying a sense of dominance and what seems to be no lack of confidence in either male. Who do you choose to represent your company when you are away?
Picture #1 (Beardless) Picture #2 (Bearded) We have our answer, but we will let you decide.

Beards Enhance Confidence

Just as beards are judged, so are men with baby-faces. Beards not only promote dominance, but also can make a man look and fell more masculine. Beards enhance confidence and this makes communicating with clients easier. Clients will see them as being more mature, aged, and experienced. Generally, corporate settings and workplaces don’t favor men with beards. Some jobs actually demand that their employees to remain clean cut with a shaved face at all times. We believe employers shouldn’t be allowed to force a man to shave but rather, enforce to be well groomed and clean cut (around the edges if bearded). Therefore, workplaces and corporate settings should allow beards because this allows diversity but also freedom to men that want to look dapper but not at the cost of shaving their mane.

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