Beard Care Kits

Beard Growth Kit - Beard Gains
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Ultimate Beard Wash Kit - Beard Gains
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Every Day Beard Care Kit - Beard Gains
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Pristine Beard Care Kit - Beard Gains
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Punisher Beard Care Kit - Beard Gains
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Brush & Comb Beard Kit - Beard Gains
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Pristine Beard Oil and Balm Kit - Beard Gains
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Beard grooming kits are collections of beard care products that we feel are essential in order to style and maintain the perfect beard.

What is our Beard Kits Made of? 

A good beard grooming kit is made of products like a beard styling guide, beard wash, beard conditioner, beard balm, beard oil, mustache wax, beard comb, mustache comb, boars’ hair bristle brush, and a pair of scissors.

What is a Beard Care Kit Used For?

 A beard grooming kit is used to maintain and take care of facial hair. Products of this kit are used to keep the beard looking well-groomed and clean cut. Products in these beard grooming kits allow you to comb, brush, nourish, as well as style and tone your beard. 

How do you use a Beard Grooming Kit?

 Each product in a beard grooming kit is used differently as follows:

  • Beard wash: A beard wash is formulated specifically for facial hair and it is used to cleanse beard on a regular basis. Ideally, beard wash should be used to wash your beard a few times a week to prevent the skin from getting dryer and reduce itchiness.

  • Beard conditioner: Beard conditioner is used to add an extra oil layer that keeps beard hydrated throughout the day.

  • Styling guide: A beard kit styling guide is used to learn how to use each of the products in the beard grooming kit.

  • Beard balm: Bard balm is used as a leave-in conditioner. Beard strands are soaked in beard balm to keep them frizz-free and hydrated.

  • Beard oil: A few drops of beard oil are applied on facial hair to tame it and moisturize the skin beneath it.

  • Mustache wax: This wax is used to turn crawling vines on the face into wonderfully sculpted artwork.

  • Beard and mustache comb and brush: These are used to comb and brush your facial hair. They are also great for styling facial hair to attain the desired style and look.

  • A pair of scissors: A pair of scissors is used to trim or shape a beard.

What is a Beard Kit best used with?

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite beard care kit, what is it best accompanied by?  We recommend a beard trimmer. This enables you to attain the finest and cleanest look for your facial hair by allowing you to trim the borders of your beard and mustache at a professional level.