Beard Bib Bandana


First to market beard bandanna to hold oils in your beard at night and not in your pillowcases. Improve skin and hair health while you sleep.

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Beard Bib Bandana

What is a Beard Bib Bandana
A Beard Bib Bandana hangs around the bottom of the face covering the beard. It acts as a support to prevent any food or soup from sticking to your beard, keeping it in place while you sleep, prevent tangles, and keeping beard oil and balm from getting all over the bed. It’s essential to find a beard bandana that is made from quality material. This is to prevent the bandana from falling off, getting easily punctured, and to securely hold everything in place. Fortunately, Beard Gains has high-end bandana for a secure and comfortable fit.

Common Problems that Men With Beard Often Face
Sometimes, a long beard can irritate the face during sleep time. It can also get tangled and messed up as we tend to drool during a good night's sleep. If you have a significant other, the beard can tickle and wake them up in the middle of the night. Another issue is that if you wear bear oil or balm, it can get all over the bed. Fortunately, a bear bib bandana can cover the beard and hold it securely in place during the night. 

Keep in mind that a long bear can also be an issue in the morning. If you are drinking or eating something, it can be annoying to get food stuck in the beard. 

How Can Beard Bib Bandana Be a Solution
The original and first ever mens facial hair apron with multi purpose. Perfect bearded present for your man, boyfriend, dad or treat yourself!
- Soft and comfortable to sleep in. Keep your beard hairs free from tangles, split ends, beard itch, beard dandruff and skin irritation.
- Fits just right to eat with. Keep your man beard clean when feasting. Soups, chicken wings, tacos and more have always been a tasking when grubbing. Protect your burly bear face from pesky foods and sauces. Eat with confidence.
- Made with quality that's healthy. Beard oil and beard balm are a healthy diet for all beards. With our silk lining, those healthy essentail oils remain in your beard instead of in your pillow cases.

Keep out food. Keep in oil. The original beard guard and beard protector for your beard proudly made in the USA. Multi-purpose problem solver such as keeping food out of your facial hair and locking in crucial moisture inside your skin and hair for healthy beard growth. Instructions:

  • Adjustable stretch for most size fits all. Loop the hoops of the beard bib bandana over the tips of your ears to test fitment.
  • Loosen and re-tie with your knot of choice of fitment needs adjustment.
  • This process may require some trial and error to get the bandana correctly shaped to your beard and face.
  • Once your beard bandana is perfectly set to your desired liking, make sure knot is securely fastened.
  • How To Wash - Quality stitched and delicately crafted to perfection. Dual layered silk for easy cleaning, soft comfortable feel and purpose. Hand spot clean with soap and water only! Do not machine wash. Air dry only. If you do not follow these instructions, you will ruin your beard bandana.

What People Are Saying About Beard Bib Bandana
Consumers who purchased the Beard Bib Bandana felt that this is a highly adjustable and flexible product based on their preferences. If you feel that is too tight on the ears, you can loosen it up or vice versa. It’s also comfortable, so it doesn’t get in the way while you fall asleep at night. It prevents the oil and balm in the beard from getting into the pillow, which is something that customers truly appreciate.

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