• 100% Organic

  • High-quality ingredients: Jojoba, Grapeseed, Argan Oil

  • Promotes a thicker, fuller, healthier beard

  • Hand-made by women in the USA

  • Best Scented Beard Products, Guaranteed

Man holding beard oil, beard oil, bearded man

"I've never ordered a product that I wouldn't order again. I have a thick beard that's quite rough and your balms and soaps help to soften and tame my thicket. Your combs (especially the wooden ones) glide effortlessly through the snarls. Your oils smell amazing and have helped combat the problems I've had with dry skin and have even made my hair healthier as any excess on my hands I use to style my hair every day." -Austin, AL

Product Overview

The meaning of pristine is 1) clean & fresh as if new 2) in its original condition. This was our first staple scent that later created our slogan "Made For A Man, Loved By Women." Strong, manly, & heavenly to women.

Pristine Red Mustache Wax

Mustache management is key to a well-kept appearance. Immediately add density and control to your mustache using just the right mixture of organic beeswax with other key elements for the perfect texture and scent.

In addition, mold, hold, tame, and style your facial hair with added confidence that our ingredients also support healthier hair growth. Our wax contains key facial hair essentials that our scientifically stated to encourage stimulated hair growth.

Mustache Wax Ingredients


  • Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Lanolin
  • Naturally Derived Coloring and Fragrance

Exclusive blends made with natural and organic ingredients derived from a goat farm in the Southern hills of Alabama. Each ounce of this very product is carefully hand made & tested for quality perfection before being sealed to lock in the scent.


  • Mold
  • Hold
  • Tame
  • Control
  • Style


Firm hold wax is hard. A common misconception for inexperienced mustache wax users is the wax is too hard. However, an all natural wax is supposed to be hard. Applying moustache wax isn't always a quick slap on and go until you get more familiar with the product. We've listed some tips to help make applying wax less work.

Hot Water

If you have some extra time and you don't have a hair dryer, hot water is a great substitute. You can toss your wax in a ziploc and place in hot water or run hot water over the tin. We have screw on lids so running hot water over the tin is ok but we don't recommend submerging just in case.

Hair Blow Dryer

This is the best method for heating up your wax. It's most effective and the quickest. Simply place your tin flat on the counter and hold the hair dryer just above the wax in a constant circling motion till warm and melted. Check the wax every few seconds! If you overheat you may burn yourself so try a low heat setting first till you get familiar with this method.

Thumb / Tweezers

To remove the wax there's a few methods, but the back of your thumb is quickiest since it's always available. Turn your tin of wax lateral to the ground and scrape your thumb from the bottom moving up. All you need is a rice size amount to get started. Rub that between your fingers or palms then apply as needed. Some other methods of removal are hair tweezes, tiny flat head screw driver or a dime.

Why Beard Gains?

We know what we are doing over here and we're not making empty claims. It took us years to create the scented Pristine masterpiece that won't be duplicated anywhere else. We import high-grade oils directly from India, insane combinations, untouchable scents, mounds of potential essential oil benefits and not to mention everything is manufactured in the United States and all our beard oils are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for increase longevity.

Beard Gains

  • 100% Organic  

  • Hand Made By Women in the United States

  • Paraben, Sulfate, Phthalate Free

  • Smells Incredible

  • Highest Quality Import Oils

Other Brands

  • Not Organic

  • Low Quality Outsourced Manufacturing

  • Contain Harmful Chemicals

  • Bad Smell

  • Low Quality Oils