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What Are The Best Actors With Beards in Hollywood in 2020?

Jake Gyllenhaal great looking beard

Sometimes a fashion statement, sometimes more of a trademark, some beards - and the actors who wear them - become internationally famous. Many celebrities tend to switch from a style to another to match the latest trends, but you can always count on some to continually come up with a facial hairstyle worth copying! Here are some of the best icons this year - get in touch with BeardGains to start creating your celebrity-like style.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal’s look is one of the most appreciated and copied among men worldwide. Independently on whether he is wearing a full, natural beard or he opts for a clean, heavy stubble. There is no doubt that this attractive actor is a trend-setter, but his 2020 style - a full, elegant beard that is a bit outgrown - made him a model to imitate for a stunning look.

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Viggo Mortensen

Through its 36-year-long career (and counting), Viggo Mortensen represents the perfect mix between that striking danish look and the Hollywood-like beauty. His style has changed over the years, but during the last ones, his ever-changing beard has become a signature of this actor’s look. While we would be lying if said that we did not have a man-crush for Aragorn, Viggo Mortensen is today the silver fox everybody aims to be at some point in their lives.

Paul Rudd

Whether you are the biggest fan of the Avengers or you laughed at Role Models, Paul Rudd has left a mark in everybody’s lives. Everybody has fallen in love with the subtle sarcasm that made him a steady presence on TV screens across the world a long time ago, including his appreciation for his full-grown, scruffy, yet intellectual look.

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George Clooney’s iconic beard look


George Clooney

The silver fox par excellence could not be missing from this list and any other year’s list! Winning the hearts and admiration of fans for over five decades, the man is a style icon no matter his beard look. However, check out his 2020 style! While hopping from a heavy stubble to a corporate or full beard, nobody could deny his charm and nonchalance.

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Jason Momoa

If a long, full beard were someone’s signature style, it would be Jason Momoa’s. Together with his long wavy hair, the bushy mane is a crucial part of his character - independently on whether that’s Khal Drogo, Declan Harp, or a gold-covered Aquaman. Imitating his eccentric look might take more time and attention than you thought, but it can make you stand out.

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Ben Affleck

Starting his career as an actor just after his 9th birthday, Ben Affleck has been a constant presence in many TV screens of families across the world. Starring in major productions such as Good Will Hunting and Pearl Harbor, many of us feel like we have grown alongside this actor. His styles have changed throughout time, but he seems to have settled for a full, slightly pointed beard.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy, the English actor better known for his striking look, deep voice, and eccentric roles seems to have found a beard style that can make everybody envious of his look. Whether you remember the light stubble, the actor was broadly showing in 2010 production Inception, or you love today’s full beard, it is undeniable that Tom Hardy can pull off any look. For the most captivating roles (and best British looks), don’t miss out on Peaky Blinders and Legend.

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Hugh Jackman

Considering that “The Wolverine” has officially become a beard style in recent years, this list could not have left Hugh Jackman and his ever-changing facial hairstyle. While showing off full beards alternated to heavy stubbles for many years, the actor seems to have settled for a light stubble that truly compliments his features. From this icon, we should learn that the best beard style is the one that reflects best where you are in life.

Chris Hemsworth

Christ Hemsworth

Who would not want to be Thor?! But also, who would not want to have Chris Hemsworth beard? While believable as a Norse god and fitting within the Scandi-style parameters, the colors and look of Chris Hemsworth have an Aussie feeling that can’t be denied. His beard ranges from a corporate look to full facial hair - mostly depending on the season and role. In any case, it is worth keeping up with his style, given the results!

Samuel Jackson

While notorious for pretty much inventing the “The Winnfield” beard style, Samuel Jackson has now given up on the alternative look that made him so striking in Pulp Fiction. However, the actor has not stopped experimenting and playing with styles, and today he shows off a facial hairstyle better-suited for his age. And it could not have been better! Mix amber frames, a soul patch, and a chin curtain, and you get an elegant - yet alternative - look to envy!

This fashion trend has even become part of the characters in video games, and gamers can add beards to their gaming characters.

Daniel Craig

If someone can look stylish and smart with stubble is Daniel Craig. Whether that is thoroughly cared for or slightly overgrown - the classic, James-Bondy look makes him a model to copy. If you opt for this style in the office, make sure your attire is impeccable, or it could ruin the look!

Brad Pitt

We remember him with long scruffy hair, oversized beanies, tinted glasses, fringes, and curtain haircut. The magic of the 90s did not make Brad Pitt look any less attractive than when showing a more modern look. Whether you prefer him clean-shaved in Mr&Mrs Smith or you fell for the questionable look he wore in The Fountain, Brad Pitt’s beard is part of his charm!

Jack Black

Jack Black’s eccentric personality has made him one of the most loved actors across the world. No matter whether you prefer a rom-com such as The Holiday or you are in for a classic like School of Rock. When he takes up a role, you know that you are in for a treat! His beard is part of the character and perfectly reflects his out-of-the-box personality.

Hipsters even love this fashion trend and have incorporated the beard look to their styles.

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Bottom Line

The actors mentioned in this article are only a few of the many fashion icons which can achieve a sexy bearded look. Some have already figured out what works best for them, some are still experimenting, and some like to change.

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