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What You Need to Know if Your Beard Isn't Growing

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Facial hair tends to grow at a slower rate than the hair on any other body parts. The slow pace of growth is one of the leading factors that cause concern over the fact if the beard has stopped growing or is just paranoia.

If the slow pace of growth is the cause, you could implement changes in your lifestyle to help increase its growth, which is explored further in the article.

Another vital factor to consider is that genes can also affect your beard's growth rate.

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Understanding the cycle of hair growth

The main stages of hair growth are as follows: The first week, the real magic begins, a full beard, the real deal, and staying focused. Check out how these various stages affect hair growth at different stages of growing a beard.

The other stages of hair growth include the Anagen Phase, Catagen Phase, and the Telogen Phase. These phases explain the general biology of the hair growth cycle.

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Anagen Phase

The Anagen Phase is the initial phase of hair growth for your hair. During this phase, the facial hair actively grows faster compared to the other phases. In this phase, the root of the hair divides at a sustained pace, which will cause the hair shaft to enlarge and multiply.

At the same time, during this phase, you can expect the hair to grow about one centimeter per month (or 28 days) for about two to seven years, which is the same for the hair on your scalp. Importantly, much like every other biological cycle occurring in the human body, genetics affects the length of the Anagen Phase.

Catagen Phase

This phase is the second phase of hair growth and is the shortest phase. The Catagen phase occurs after your hair has reached the "terminal length." During this process, the hair does not grow any longer and nor does it fall out.

The importance of this phase is that hair growth stops, and eventually, the hair disconnects from the blood supply. As mentioned previously, this process is affected by your genetic composition. This phase takes approximately anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

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Telogen Phase

During this final phase of the hair growth life cycle, the process starts with a short resting period. It is the process that as your hairs rest in their root, simultaneously, new hair growth is occurring beneath the resting hairs.

Once this process finishes, then the cycle repeats itself. Usually, after a couple of months, the whole process starts again and gives birth to new hair.

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Facial hair factors to consider

Now that you are familiar with the natural growth life cycle of facial hair, you should keep in mind that your scalp's growth does not grow at the same rate as your facial hair.

Usually, the hair growing on your cheeks and chin will develop much faster than others. This means that in other areas of the face, such as a mustache, the rate of growth may be faster. Hair growth is dependent on the area for many people.

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Factors that can cause your beard to stop growing

If you feel as though your beard is not growing as long or as fast as you would like for it to become, consider the possibility of your genetic composition playing a significant role. Also, if you’ve noticed that your hair is falling, please be reassured that the cycle of hair growth repeats and replaces the hairs that are lost.

However, if you have noticed a drastic change with your hair growth and length, then there are some factors you should consider.

Diet and Exercise

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Our nutrition greatly influences our hair's development and health, not only your beard but also the ones on our scalps! Indeed, the vitamins and minerals we consume are essential for the right development of hair. For example, a diet that is low in protein and not healthy will shorten the terminal length of the hair.

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Adopting a healthy diet that provides all the proteins and vitamins (A, B, C, E) necessary for hair growth can yield incredible results. At the same time, regular exercise is essential to regulate the hormone levels in our bodies.

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Stress can affect several aspects of our physical and mental well being, as well as hair growth. Indeed, such extremities in our bodies are the last ones to receive vitamins and minerals after most compounds have been distributed to supply other body functions.

When you are stressed, the body does require even more vitamins, minerals, and energy to repair damaged cells. Instead, introduce a routine that can help you manage your stress level, whether this requires you to meditate or exercise regularly.


The health status of your skin will affect the health of the follicles, which, in turn, will influence the growth of your hair. Get in touch with our experts at BeardGains to determine the best treatment for your skin and hair.

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Bottom Line

The pace at which your beard grows and the length it reaches does depend on your genes and predetermined terminal length. However, there might be some factors in your environment and lifestyle that you may need to change to increase your hair growth and achieve a full beard.

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