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How to Grow a Beard Faster With These Simple Steps

Are you struggling to grow out the long, full beard that you’ve been dreaming of since you hit puberty? As it turns out, this is a problem that many men have to routinely deal with, especially during their teenage years when hormones are raging, and their bodies are struggling to keep up and make sense of the changes they’re going through. If you happen to be one of the guys fighting to grow out some respectable facial hair and looking for practical tips and tricks to help you out, you’ve come to the right place. 

Growing a Beard: How Long Should it Take?

The first thing that men should know about beard growth is that it doesn’t grow at the same rate of speed as the hair on top of your head; it grows faster. But exactly how fast does it grow? This speed largely depends on several factors, including age, genetics, hormone levels, and the body’s sensitivity to said hormones. The hormones involved in beard growth are testosterone, which determines your beard’s thickness, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which affects your beard’s density

These natural elements significantly impact the kind of beard your body can produce and the amount of time that can take, but there are many tips and tricks that can be utilized to help expedite your facial hair growth. Here are some simple steps to incorporate into your daily facial hair routine to help you grow your beard.

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Step 1: Treat Your Body Right

Step one of the process is straight and simple; treat your body right. Treating your body right means engaging in regular (preferably daily) exercise, eating healthy foods, and drinking a lot of water to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day. This last part is essential, as dehydration and insufficient water consumption can cause your beard to grow more slowly. Don’t forget to also focus on getting plenty of rest every time you turn in for the night.

Another component of this step is ensuring that you treat your facial hair with the gentleness and respect that it deserves. The occasional stroke of the beard, for example, may produce some revolutionary ideas, but picking or grabbing at your beard is something you’ll want to avoid. Being too rough with your beard can negatively impact its quality and how effectively it’s able to grow.

Step 2: Stop Smoking

 A bearded man smoking a cigarette.

While we could have just included this point in the above section on treating your body right, it’s important enough that it warrants its own spot on this list. Smoking can inhibit the blood circulation that goes to your beard’s roots, which can slow and even halt growth altogether. In other cases, smoking has been shown to contribute to the premature graying of facial hair. If you’d like to avoid these potential issues, consider dropping cigarettes altogether or at least cutting back. 

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Step 3: Vitamins and Minerals for Optimum Growth

Specific vitamins and minerals, such as biotin, can provide many beneficial effects to the body and encourage faster beard growth, especially if combined with a healthy diet of fruits and veggies and regular physical exercise. Also, consider looking into increasing your intake of vitamins C, B6, and E, along with nettle, beta-carotene, and flaxseed oil.

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Step 4: Exfoliate & Condition Your Beard for Best Results

It’s always essential to wash your face and beard to remove dead skin cells, which can slow down the growth of new beard hair. At least once per week, you should carefully scrub your skin with soap and warm water to remove these cells and promote new growth. You should also make use of beard shampoo and conditioner- preferably brands that incorporate tea tree oil. This oil can help remove dead skin cells and oil buildups while also preventing ingrown facial hair and dandruff.

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Step 5: Leave the Beard Be

A bearded man wearing sunglasses and standing with his arms crossed.

There are times, especially during the first several weeks of growing out a new beard, where you’re going to want to trim it, shape it, and continue to mess with it to try to make it look cleaner and help it grow how you want. As difficult as it is, you need to resist the urge to do much grooming during this period, especially for the first few weeks where your beard is just starting to grow. Don’t trim, shape, or cut any of your beard hairs until you’ve reached the 4-6 week mark of beard growth, and then you can start getting into a more regular grooming schedule.

Step 6: Step Away From Beard Maintenance Myths

There are many different myths and old wives’ tales out there that will supposedly allow you to grow a beard more quickly, but most of these are only going to hinder your facial hair growth, not help it. Here are some quick tidbits of info to keep in mind if you want to grow a full beard as quickly as possible:

  • Shaving your beard doesn't make it grow faster.
    • There isn't a pill in existence that will cause your beard to grow faster, no matter what product descriptions might claim.
    • Some sprays and oils may promise instant beard growth, but these also don’t work.

    There are numerous products available on the market that are able to help facilitate faster, more effective beard growth, but none of them are one-and-done type solutions. They typically involve balms, oils, and other substances that you need to use routinely to have any noticeably beneficial effects on facial hair growth. But while magic-pill-type products may be an old myth, the kits, and products developed by Beard Gains may end up being the closest alternative to a magic beard-tonic that you’ll ever be able to find.

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