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The Ultimate Stubble Beard Style Guide

Stubble beards are more popular than ever. They are the perfect compromise for men who like the look of a full beard but don't want to or aren't able to grow one out.

Are you thinking about growing a stubble beard?

This ultimate stubble beard style guide will tell you all you need to know about stubble beards, how to grow and maintain them, and today's popular styles. 

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What Is a Stubble Beard?

A stubble beard is facial hair that has been shaved but has grown into a short-growth beard. Stubble beards can start with a five o'clock shadow through the three-day beard until the beard is fully grown back.

A good guideline for a stubble beard is a length from 0.5 and 4 mm. It can take guys from three to ten days to grow their stubble to 4 or 5 mm.

Stubble beards are great for men looking to grow a beard for the first time, who have allergies or sensitive skin, or those who cannot grow a full beard.

How Do I Grow A Stubble Beard?

It might not take a lot of effort to grow a stubble beard, but it does take work maintaining it and keeping it looking sharp. Here are five things that will help you grow the perfect stubble beard:

Pick Your Type of Trimmer

You've got several options when picking the type of trimmer to keep that stubble beard the right length

Old school guys can use a hair clipper and guards, but you might have problems reaching parts of your face. 

Adjustable electric razors are great for guys who get a five o'clock shadow by noon and work great on necklines and cheeks.

Beard trimmers are best for guys who want their stubble beard a little thicker. Because they are adjustable, they can experiment with stubble beards of different lengths.

Find the Optimal Length for Your Face

It would help if you had a decent idea of how fast your facial hair grows. One of the great things about stubble beards is that you don't have to shave or trim them daily

You'll also want to consider how long your stubble beard will grow. Beard trimmers are great because you can let them grow for a few days, try different length settings, and see how it looks. 

Don't worry about cutting it too close; it will grow back in a couple of days!

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Be Creative

You've taken the time to let your stubble beard grow in and found a length you like.

Now is where you can try different beard styles. You don't have to keep your stubble beard one uniform length. You can have a thicker goatee and a shorter beard, or vice versa. 

If you don't know your facial shape, this is a great time to find out and find the stubble beard that will showcase your stronger features.

 Edging the Borders Is Important

The difference between a lazy, unkempt look and a stylish stubble beard is keeping the neckline and cheeks clean and defined. 

Once again, you've got options for tightly edging up your stubble beard. You can use a beard trimmer without a guard, your electric razor, or a regular razor to get a close shave. The close shave will help give added definition to your stubble beard.

Keep Your Beard Healthy

It doesn't matter how long your beard is, you need to take care of it and the skin underneath to keep them healthy and itch-free. Beard oils and moisturizers will ensure that your beard stays soft and your skin healthy.  

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Man with Stubble Beard and Gray T-Shirt

Popular Stubble Beard Styles

Now that we know how to grow and maintain a stubble beard, it's time to look at some of the most popular styles so you can find your perfect look.

The 5 O'Clock Shadow Beard

The 5 O'Clock Shadow beard is an easy way to understand how your stubble beard will grow on your face. Use the #1 guard on your beard trimmer and cleanly shave the rest of your face for this minimalist yet relaxed style.

The Lazy Stubble Beard

For those guys who like a more casual look, the lazy stubble beard is a great choice. You can keep it uniformly shaved with a #2 or a #3 guard. Or, let it grow until you feel like trimming it again. It's a great style for people looking to venture from a stubble beard to a full one.

The Stubble Chin Strap Beard

This iconic beard style takes some upkeep but will define your jawline, giving you a masculine look. You can clean shave or let a lighter stubble fill the rest of your face as you see fit.

The Light Stubble Beard

Think somewhere between the 5 O'Clock Shadow beard and the Lazy Stubble beard. A #2 or #3 guard should fit the trick for this easy-to-maintain and simple style. 

Goatee/Mustache Stubble Beard

Combining a goatee or a mustache with a stubble beard can give you many creative ways to express yourself. For example, you can rock the stubble goatee or mustache with a clean-shaven face. 

Or, you can have a heavier mustache or goatee with a lighter stubble beard filling in the rest of your face. 

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Man with Goatee Stubble Beard

Stubble Beards for a Casual Style

A stubble beard is an excellent alternative if you're looking to grow a beard but not ready to commit the effort and time to grow a full beard.

Stubble beards are easy to grow and maintain, and you can grow a stubble-length version of many popular full beard styles.

For guys with sensitive skin, acne, or other skin conditions, a stubble beard can help protect their skin and accentuate their facial structures.

You'll want to condition and maintain a stubble beard much like a full beard, so look for 100% organic beard oils and balms to keep your beard and skin healthy, soft, and itch-free.

Stubble beards can easily give you a simple, casual style and highlight your facial features to make looking good easy.

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