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Which Beard Styles Are Best For Your Facial Shape?

Chances are you’ve got a friend, or ten, who has a beard. Despite repeated claims that the beard trend has passed, it’s pretty clear that facial hair is here to stay.

Are you thinking about growing a beard but don’t know which beard styles are best for your facial shape?

This guide will tell you how to determine your facial shape and the top beard styles for it to help you pick the perfect one for your personality and style.

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What Facial Shape Do I Have?

You’ll first need to find out what facial shape you have by measuring your face. Then, you’ll need to take a flexible tape measure and record the measurements below.

Measuring Your Face

  • Forehead Width 

To measure your forehead width, measure from the arch of one eyebrow to the arch of the other. 

  • Face Length

To determine the length of your face, measure from the tip of your chin to the center of your hairline.

  • Jawline

To get your jawline measurement, measure from where your jawline meets your ear to the top of your chin, then multiply that number times two.

  • Cheekbones Width 

To find out how wide your cheekbones are, measure from point to point directly underneath the outside corners of your eyes.

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Determining Your Facial Profile

After you’ve taken and recorded the measurements, determine which is the largest of the four, and then compare the seven face profiles below to see what facial shape you have. 

  • Oval

The face length is greater than the cheekbone width for an oval facial profile. The forehead measurement is greater than that of the jawline. And the angle of the jaw is more rounded than sharp.

  • Diamond Shaped

With a diamond-shaped facial profile, the face measurement is the largest. After that, in descending order, it is the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline, ending with a pointed chin.

  • Square

A square-shaped facial profile has measurements close to each other, with a more angular than oval-shaped jaw.

  • Rectangle

A rectangle facial shape has the length of the face with the largest measurement. Then the jawline, cheekbones, and forehead are all approximately the same size.

  • Triangular

In a triangular facial shape, the jawline measurement is greater than the cheekbones, which are larger than the forehead.

  • Round

A round facial shape has face length and cheekbones measurements close to each other. They are both larger than the jawline and the forehead, which are also similar in size. These measurements are combined with a soft, less angular jawline.

  • Heart-Shaped

A heart-shaped facial profile has a pointed chin with a forehead measurement larger than the jawline and the cheekbones.

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Picking the Right Beard for Your Facial Shape

Now that you know what your facial shape is, it’s time to pick the right beard for your facial shape.

The Best Beards for Oval-Shaped Faces

People with oval faces are lucky because those facial profiles have a balance of both round and square features. This balance means that people with oval faces can wear almost any beard type because nothing needs to be balanced.

Top 5 Beard Styles for Oval-Shaped Faces

  • Stubble Beard
  • Full Beard
  • Corporate Beard
  • Short Boxed Beard
  • Garibaldi Beard

The Best Beards for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Try to keep the hair on your chin squared off to offset those prominent cheekbones. A lighter mustache look will also help emphasize your jawline and cheeks.

Top 5 Beard Styles for Diamond-Shaped Faces

  • Ducktail Beard
  • Garibaldi Beard
  • Short Beard
  • Full Beard
  • Imperial Beard

The Best Beards for Square-Shaped Faces

Try to complement that strong, square jawline with a rounded or triangular chin. A goatee-style beard can also help lengthen the chin and soften the look of the jawbones.

Top 5 Beard Styles for Square-Shaped Faces

  • Stubble Beards
  • Corporate Beard
  • Goatee Beard
  • Beardstache
  • Balbo Beard

The Best Beards for Rectangle-Shaped Faces

Look for a beard with fuller cheeks to help take attention away from the length of a rectangle face. Also, try growing your hair higher up your cheeks to give more width and depth to your face.

Top 5 Beard Styles for Rectangle-Shaped Faces

  • Beardstache
  • Full Beard
  • Balbo Beard
  • Chin Strap Beard
  • Mutton Chop Beard

The Best Beards for Triangular-Shaped Faces

The goal for men with triangular-shaped faces is to pull the attention away from their prominent chin. Also, try to keep the hair from getting too full and thick in the cheeks. 

Top 5 Beards for Triangular Shaped-Faces

  • Full Beard
  • Flat Goatee Beard
  • Nose Down Beard
  • Stubble Beard
  • Beardstache

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The Best Beards for Round-Shaped Faces

With a round-shaped face, try and add some triangle elements to it for a longer, more pronounced chin. Be sure to keep your beard groomed, as a wild, unkempt beard will only enhance the roundness of your face.

Top 5 Beards for Round-Shaped Faces

  • Balbo Beard
  • Van Dyke Beard
  • Garibaldi Beard
  • Hollywoodian Beard
  • Ducktail Beard

The Best Beards for Heart-Shaped Faces

Add length to your beard on the chin in the mustache to add volume and depth to your jawline. Going with stubble on the sides will add to a more rugged look without overwhelming your natural features.

Top 5 Beard Styles for Heart-Shaped Faces

  • Corporate Beard
  • Garibaldi Beard
  • Verdi Beard
  • Full Beard
  • Hollywoodian Beard

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There Are Great Beards for Every Facial Shape

The popularity of beards has exploded in recent years. Women love how they look and feel, and men like not having to shave daily. 

No matter what shape of face you have, there are many different beard options you can choose from that can match your personality and style.

Finding the beard you like and growing the beard is the first step in the process. As your beard grows, you will need to wash, maintain, and soften your beard.

Choosing the right beard grooming products is essential to maintaining and controlling your beard. 

Beard Gains’ beard products are 100% organic and are manufactured in the US from the highest quality imported oils.  

If you’ve wanted to grow a beard, there’s no time like the present, so get started today!

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