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How Often Should You Wash Your Beard

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When it comes to any type of body hair, you want to be sure that you are keeping up with a good, quality hygiene routine. Washing your beard should be part of that routine, but there is such a thing as washing it too often. Like the hair on your head, it produces its own natural oils, and if you're washing it too much, you could be stripping it of all it's natural goodness. With that in mind, how often should you wash your beard, and how much is too much?

Why You Must Wash Your Beard

Washing your beard is needful for many reasons. However, the main thing is, it's necessary to get rid of any debris that might have found its way into your beard. This is especially the case for those whose beards are longer and thicker than average. Either way, washing your beard helps keep it clean and to ensure it smells good. If you're not washing your facial hair, like all other body hair, it's going to smell. You could also be doing damage to your beard if you don't wash it enough, due to the build-up of dead skin cells that might stunt the hair's growth.

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Thick Hair vs. Thin Hair

The thickness of the hair is something also to consider when it comes to washing your beard. The hair type and quality of hair can differ when it's thick compared to when it's on the thinner side. It will often be a lot drier for coarse or thick hair, and therefore, its lacking sebum.

Dehydration can set in if you're not washing the hair enough, and so it's advised that for thicker hair, you're washing your beard every three days or so. For thinner hair, it will often get greasy quicker than thick hair. Daily washing, therefore, is likely to be more appropriate. It's good to eyeball it though and see when it can go an extra day without washing. By washing your hair, you can make it fluffier and fuller, which can be ideal for thinner hair.

How Skin Type Affects Your Beard

Your skin type can affect how often you need to wash your beard, and there are usually three skin types that you can alternate between throughout your life. Just because you have one skin type now, it could change later due to aging or changes in your environment.

Dry - When you have dry skin, it usually means your skin is not producing enough sebum, and that can impact the moisture of your hair. Washing your beard every two to three days can be helpful because there's a risk of drying out your skin even more.

Oily - Oily skin is where you are producing too much sebum, and therefore, just like thinning hair, it's good to wash your beard daily. This can help prevent any build-up of excess sebum in the pores. Frequent washing can also help to avoid acne and flaky skin.

Combination - This is a mixture of both dry and oily skin. You might have an oily T-zone, and then your skin is dry everywhere else. The T-zone is made up of your forehead, nose, chin, and the area surrounding your mouth. It might be worth focusing on washing your beard every other day and just rinsing your beard off if you find it getting greasy in those in-between days.

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How Climate Affects Your Beard

The climate can have an impression on your beard, so it's worth knowing how it might influence the amount of washing you do.

Wet & Humid - When the humidity is high, it can be beneficial for your skin and beard. It keeps it soft and supple, which is what you want. However, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Excess moisture can lead to a build-up of sebum in the pores and dirt on the skin. Therefore, increasing your washing routine might be needful.

Dry climate - When the air is dry, extreme heat or extreme cold can dry out your skin and lead to breakages in your facial hair. Cut back on the frequency of shampooing, but always use a conditioner and beard oil to replenish any lost moisture.

How Frequently Should I Wash My Beard?

When should you wash your beard? The frequency depends on where you fit in the categories mentioned above. However, it's also dependent on your lifestyle and how busy you are. The length of your beard can also be a factor, as well as your occupation. You might want to wash it more or less, depending on how it affects your job.

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Why Use Beard Shampoo and Conditioner?

Beard shampoo and conditioner is worth investing in, instead of using your standard shampoo and conditioner formulated for the hair on your head. Beard products contain all of the relevant oils and nutrients needed to help the type of beard hair you have. It's different from the hair on your head, and so it needs the right products from Beard Gains. The conditioner works wonders at softening the hair, while the shampoo does a fantastic job at deep cleaning.

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How to (and How Not to) Wash Your Beard

Use a quality beard wash and conditioner where possible. Get your beard nice and wet before applying the products. Be gentle when it comes to cleaning your beard, but make sure you're getting to the base of your hair. Don't forget to rinse it thoroughly and pat it dry. Leaving it wet can cause it to smell, and not rinsing it out can leave it looking greasy.

Like your other body hair, ensure you know your skin type and the type of hair you have growing out of your chin. This will help to find the right routine for you and your beard.
Ultimately, you want to have a beard that looks trim and well-groomed and smells great too. Use these tips to help wash your beard correctly and to make sure it's always looking it's best.

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