Beard Oil

Made For A Man, Loved By Women

Beard oil, against popular belief, shouldn’t be considered a styling product per say, but more of a nourishing and an enriching product that keeps the skin and beard looking radiantly healthy.

FUN FACT: It took us upwards of 24 months of research and blends as high as 18 different oils to perfect our beard oil.

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is an essential beard care product that is used after you wash your beard or apply beard balm, and important to add before you comb your furry face. Beard oils help untangle facial hair as it adds weight to help straighten, smooth, nourish, and compliment with a radiant sheen. Typically oils are made of a limited number around four to six common household essential and carrier oils or with an effortless fragrance additive. Ultimately the effectiveness of the blend is dependent upon the creator or the seller of the product.

Ingredients Inside Our Beard Oil

We have the purest, MOST EXPENSIVE OILS imported directly from India, blended and then bottled to perfection at a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility in Florida, USA. East Indian Sandalwood is one of the most expensive essential oils on the market and we use it commonly in our creations… and a lot of it. Just 1/2oz of this magnificent endangered oil is around $85. The bottom line is we have blends of Jojoba, Grapeseed and Argan oil mixed with intricately measured and numerous variations of top quality essential oils. All five of our concoctions were vigorously tested to ensure no rash, redness or irritation should ever occur with maximized benefits to your skin and beard and a scent women go crazy for.

Why Choose Our Oil?  

No reason to beat a dead horse here, but we earned these bragging rights. We have the MOST EXPENSIVE and MOST COMPLEX beard oil blends on the market. We know what we are doing over here and we’re not making empty claims. It took us years to create the scented masterpieces that won’t be duplicated anywhere else. Imported high-grade oils directly from India, insane combinations, untouchable scents, mounds of potential essential oil benefits and not to mention, all this is stored in a temperature controlled environment for increased longevity.