Pristine Black Beard Wax - Beard Gains
Pristine Black Beard Wax - Beard Gains
Pristine Black Beard Wax - Beard Gains
Pristine Black Beard Wax - Beard Gains
Pristine Black Beard Wax - Beard Gains
Pristine Black Beard Wax - Beard Gains

Pristine | Beard Wax

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The meaning of pristine is 1) clean & fresh as if new 2) in its original condition. This was our first staple scent that later created our slogan "Made For A Man, Loved By Women." Strong, manly, & heavenly to women.

Beard Gains offers the best smelling beard tamer period. Our proprietary blend has been a game-changer in how a balm is supposed to smell. Beard Gains is the first company to offer a product that doubles up as beard care and cologne.

Black Beard Wax


Shape and style your beard precisely the way you want it. As a final touch after applying your beard oil and balm, simply apply our tamer for the perfect look.


Rain, humidity, heat, and cold. Tame your beard to stay locked in place no matter what nature throws at you.


Wild unruly facial hairs can definitely be a pain and get out of hand. Control your beard frizz and wiry whiskers with ease for a cleaner sexier look.

Beard Gains was the first to bring color-specific beard care to the market using ONLY natural and organic ingredients. Which is why we are so proud to be gluten-free, kosher, 100% halal, paraben & sulfate-free. There are no chemical additives or gels in any of our products. EVER.

We encourage you to compare our products to the competition. We want our customers to appreciate the value of Beard Gains based on the quality of ingredients in each product, where the ingredients come from, who is manufacturing your beard care, and where exactly is your beard care being manufactured from.

Know the difference, see the difference, feel the difference. Beard Gains.

Beard Wax Ingredients


  • Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Lanolin
  • Naturally derived coloring and fragrance (Naturally Derived)

Every company always claims to have the best in facial hair care. Truth is they probably don't even manufacture it. Beard Gains is an in house production so we know exactly what ingredients go in our waxes and we know exactly where it comes from.

We go the extra mile with imported essential oils from India to ensure grade A+ quality.

Stay away from cheap fragrance additives that damage your beard instead of help.

Lastly, we measure out premium butters and carrier oils to perfection to get the right consistency for an impeccable product.


• To loosen beard wax, hold tin under hot water or warm with a hair blow dryer

• Use back of thumb, dime, tweezers, etc & scrape a pea-size ball of wax

• Rub tamer into both palms together till warm & melted

• Run your palms down from ear to jawline shaping your facial hair

• Style & reapply as necessary

• Approximate 1-2 month supply

Beard Gains

✅ 100% Organic  

✅ Hand Made By Women in the U.S.

✅ Paraben, Sulfate, Phthalate Free

✅ Smells Incredible

✅ Highest Quality Import Oils

Other Brands

❌ Not Organic

❌ Low Quality Outsourced Manufacturing

❌ Contain Harmful Chemicals

❌ Bad Smell

❌ Low Quality Oils

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Smells great great hold