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How to Straighten Your Beard Hair - A Complete Tutorial

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Should You Straighten Your Beard?

There are a few reasons why you might want to straighten your beard. For one, it can make your beard look neater and more groomed. Second, it can help control any unruly hairs and make them lay down flat. And finally, straightening your beard can make it look thicker and fuller. So if you're looking for a way to improve the appearance of your beard, consider straightening it!

How to Straighten Your Beard Hair

There is more than one way that you can straighten your beard hair. So look over these following methods (and the tips!) and see what process works best for your daily life. Keeping your beard looking good is a daily habit everyone should have.

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How to Straighten Your Beard the Natural Way

Straightening your beard the natural way will defiantly take a bit longer. However, it can be simple to incorporate into your daily beard care regimen. Another fantastic benefit is that you can do this without heat so it can be perfect if you travel a lot too.

First, start by washing your beard. We recommend using a quality beard shampoo and conditioner combo, but a bar of soap without added chemicals will work too.

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After your beard is all clean, pat it dry. Don't rub or ruffle your beard because this can easily tangle it.

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Then, brush or comb it out. Make sure to brush the hairs straight down rather than contoured to your face. A favorite beard comb makes this process easier.

Next, you'll want to work in some beard oil to help control it. If you have access to a blow dryer, you'll want to use it here. On low heat, blow dry out any excess moisture while you continue to comb it.

Finally, add some beard wax or balm to keep it soft and looking great all day long.

How to Use a Straightener to Straighten Your Beard

Using a straightener on your beard is a great way to get it looking sleek. However, just like with all hairstyling, too much heat can damage your beard. So be mindful of how much heat you apply to each area if you use this method. Also, this way only works well on full, thick beards. So if you are still growing yours, you might want to use the natural method.

First, start by washing your beard. We recommend using a quality soap and conditioner or a chemical-free bar soap.

Next, pat your beard, leaving it partially moist. Then you will want to blow dry and comb your beard the rest of the way dry.

Now comes the fun part. Warm up your beard straightener on the lowest setting. You can use a small hair straightener from this too.

Next, you'll want to do this next step in one single motion. Carefully close the straightener as close to your skin as possible, being careful not to burn yourself. Slowly pull the straightener away from the roots (and yourself).

Pro Tip: Don't stop! The heat in one area may burn you or damage your beard! And don't go over the same spot a lot.

Finally, apply beard balm or wax to finish your beard.

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Tips for Straightening Your Beard

Growing a beard can be challenging, and if you are struggling to get the perfect beard, you aren't alone. However, these tips will help you get the beard of your dreams.

Use Sea Salt Spray

Spritz it with a sea salt spray when your beard is still damp. This will improve the form and texture of your beard. Just make sure you're using a product that includes high-quality components, such as sea kelp.

According to research, sea kelp extract can improve skin barrier function. Sea kelp can also help reduce signs of aging on the skin. Apply a little quantity of sea salt spray to your beard after you've found the perfect one for your skin. Then use a beard comb to distribute it equally throughout your beard.

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Consider Using a Round Brush to Style Your Beards

If you choose to blow-dry your beard, consider using a round brush while you dry it. This style of brush utilizes vented ceramic plates to help to maintain heat and remove curls quickly. Set your favorite style with cold air once you've brushed and blow-dried your beard.

Use the Right Beard Grooming Products

It is crucial to condition your beard with oil or balm. Beard balms contain all of the components found in beard oil, but they also include some butter and beeswax. Beeswax, in general, is a necessary component that helps to hold your beard in position for extended periods.

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Growing and styling a beard can be a challenge, but you can achieve the look you want with the right tips and products. We've provided some tips for straightening your beard using natural methods as well as with heat tools. So use the method that works best for you and start enjoying your perfectly styled beard today!

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