Beard Comb

A beard comb falls into a couple of categories. It is considered a beard care product as well as a beard grooming tool.  What makes this product stand out is it’s wide tooth characteristics to help avoid getting snagged and potentially ripping out curly facial hairs.
That is a type of pain that no man should go through.
A beard comb can be made of essentially anything but it is most commonly made out of plastic, wood, or metal.  As briefly mentioned earlier, most beard combs have a wide-tooth build for combing long beard strands while others can be fine-toothed to enable them to comb a shorter beard. But in reality, if you have a shorter beard, use a beard brush.
Here at Beard Gains, we know three things:
  • how to grow a beard
  • how to groom a beard
  • and how to create the BEST WOODEN BEARD COMB!

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