Mustache Comb

What is a mustache comb?
A mustache comb is a fine comb that is designed for combing a mustache.

What is a mustache comb made of?

Mustache combs are usually made of horn, a type of wood (recommended), plastic, or metal.

What is a mustache comb used for?

A mustache comb is a great addition to a man’s grooming regimen. It is used to comb mustache to ensure smoothness and luster.

How do you properly use a mustache comb?

Men that have grown a long mustache should use this type of comb, at least once every day, coupled with mustache wax to ensure even distribution and application of the wax. T o use the comb effectively, use it to comb mustache outwards from under the nose, to the left, and to the right. The comb can also be used to shape and twist mustache as desired.  Want to see something cool?  Check out our Van Dyke Beard Comb.

What is this product best used with?

A mustache comb is best used with mustache wax to ensure not just an even application, but also to allow you to style, shape and twist your mustache as desired.