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Best Beard Comb offers the largest beard comb collection in the world!  Specializing in custom and wooden beard combs handcrafted right here in the USA. With 70+ combs to choose from, we guarantee satisfaction.
BOSS OPTION: Create your own beard comb!

  • Sale! beard gains multiple purpose metal utility beard comb

    Metal Utility Multi Function Flip Pocket Comb

    $34.99 $24.99
  • rick and morty rick sanchez beard comb rick beard gains

    Beard Comb Rick

    4 out of 5
  • beard gains leather folding beard comb

    Leather Folding Comb

  • beard gains wooden pocket flip comb

    Wooden Folding Comb

  • Ox Horn Beard Comb Side

    Ox Horn Beard Comb

  • Wooden Knuckles Beard Comb

    Brass Knuckles High Gloss Beard Comb

    5 out of 5
  • Knuckles Beard Comb

    Brass Knuckles Beard Comb

  • Gloss Skull Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics High Gloss Punisher Beard Comb

    5 out of 5
  • Skull Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics Punisher Skull Beard Comb

  • Gloss Long BG Original Beard Comb

    Pocket Two Tone High Gloss Comb

  • Double Sided Beard Comb

    Hybrid Facial Hair Comb

  • Posh Noir Beard Comb Half Out

    Posh Noir: Exclusive Beard Comb

  • Sharp Beard Gains Punisher Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics Punisher Skull Beard Comb V2

  • Custom Beard Comb

    Create Your Own Beard Comb

  • Pity The Beardless Beard Comb

    Pity The Beardless Beard Comb

  • Beard Gains Original Beard Comb

    Two Tone Facial Hair Comb

    5 out of 5
  • Beard Gains Signature Beard Comb

    Classic Curve Facial Hair Comb

  • Grenade Beard Comb

    Grenade Facial Hair Comb

  • Incredible Hulk Beard Comb

    Incredible Hulk Beard Comb

  • Bass Fish Beard Comb

    Bass Fishing Facial Hair Comb

  • Texas Gunslinger Beard Comb

    Texas Gunslinger Beard Comb

  • Dead Pool Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics Dead Pool Beard Comb

    5 out of 5
  • Bobba Fett Beard Comb

    Star Wars Bobba Fett Beard Comb

  • Zeus Beard Comb

    Zeus Beard Comb

    5 out of 5
  • Gloss Sugar Skull Beard Comb

    Sugar Skull High Gloss Facial Hair Comb

  • America Beard Comb

    America Facial Hair Comb

  • American Flag Beard Comb

    American Flag Facial Hair Comb

  • Mirror Skull Beard Comb

    Mirror Skull Facial Hair Comb

  • Van Dyke Beard Comb

    Van Dyke Beard Comb

  • Meat Cleaver Beard Comb

    Meat Cleaver Facial Hair Comb

  • Ace of Spades Beard Comb

    Ace Of Spades Facial Hair Comb

  • Celtic Ravens Beard Comb

    Celtic Ravens Beard Comb

  • Free Masons Secret Society Beard Comb

    Free Masons Secret Society Beard Comb

  • Captain America Beard Comb V2

    Marvel Comics Captain America Beard Comb V2

  • Superman Beard Comb

    Superman Facial Hair Comb

  • Batman Beard Comb

    Batman Facial Hair Comb

  • Wolverine Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics Wolverine Beard Comb

  • Iron Man Beard Comb

    Iron Man Beard Comb

  • Captain America Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics Captain America Beard Comb

  • Hail Hydra Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics Hail Hydra Beard Comb

  • Black Panther Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics Black Panther Beard Comb

  • Spiderman Beard Comb

    Marvel Comics Spiderman Beard Comb

  • Spawn Beard Comb

    Spawn Facial Hair Comb

  • Spawn Beard Comb V2

    Spawn Facial Hair Comb V2

  • Millennium Falcon Beard Comb

    Star Wars Millennium Falcon Beard Comb

  • Storm Trooper Beard Comb

    Star Wars Storm Trooper Beard Comb

  • Storm Trooper Beard Comb V2

    StormTrooper Facial Hair Comb V2

  • Darth Maul Beard Comb

    Star Wars Darth Maul Facial Hair Comb

  • Darth Vader Beard Comb

    Star Wars Darth Vader Beard Comb

  • COG Beard Comb

    Star Wars COG Facial Hair Comb

  • Rebel Alliance Beard Comb

    Star Wars Rebel Alliance Beard Comb

  • BB8 Droid Beard Comb

    Star Wars BB8 Droid Beard Comb

  • Texas Beard Comb

    Don’t Mess With Texas Beard Comb

  • Autobot Beard Comb

    Transformers Autobot Facial Hair Comb

  • Decepticon Beard Comb

    Transformers Decepticon Facial Hair Comb

  • Game of Thrones Stark Beard Comb

    Game Of Thrones House Stark Beard Comb

  • GOT House Targaryen Beard Comb

    Game Of Thrones House Targaryen Beard Comb

  • Texas State Seal Beard Comb

    Texas State Seal Facial Hair Comb

  • Goku Beard Comb

    Dragon Ball Z Goku Beard Comb

  • Vegeta Beard Comb

    Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Beard Comb

  • Deer Antler Beard Comb

    Deer Antler Facial Hair Comb

  • Sparta Beard Comb

    Sparta Beard Comb

  • Spider Skull Beard Comb

    Spider Skull Facial Hair Comb

  • Tardis Beard Comb

    Dr. Who Tardis Facial Hair Comb

  • Star Trek Beard Comb

    Star Trek Enterprise Beard Comb

  • Marijuana Beard Comb

    Mary Jane Leaf Facial Hair Comb

  • Orlando City Beard Comb

    Orlando City Lions Beard Comb

  • Beer Can Beard Comb

    Beer Can Facial Hair Comb

  • Cowboy Beard Comb

    Cowboy Buckle Facial Hair Comb

  • Juice Headz Beard Comb

    Juice Headz Up Facial Hair Comb

  • Char Beard Comb

    Love Char Facial Hair Comb

  • Kyle O'Quinn Beard Comb

    New York Knicks Kyle O’Quinn Beard Comb


What Is A Beard Comb?

A beard comb falls into a couple categories.  It is considered a beard care product as well as a beard grooming tool.  What makes this product stand out is it’s wide tooth characteristics to help avoid getting snagged and potentially ripping out curly facial hairs. That is a type of pain that no man should go through.

What Are Beard Combs Made Out Of?

A beard comb can be made of essentially anything but it is most commonly made out of plastic, wood or metal.  As briefly mentioned earlier, most beard combs have a wide tooth build for combing long beard strands while others can be fine-toothed to enable them to comb a shorter beard. But in reality, if you have a shorter beard, use a beard brush.

Here at Beard Gains, we know three things:

  • how to grow a beard
  • how to groom a beard
  • and how to create the BEST WOODEN BEARD COMB!

Is your beard excited?  Well, IT SHOULD BE…

Because you just made it to the single largest collection of custom beard combs online.  You are now in the house of the original creators of the infamous Punisher Skull Comb & wildly sought after Wooden Knuckles Comb.

But, please, don’t let us keep you…

Scroll down to learn more and check out all of our FAQ’s below.  After that, we humbly invite you to browse (as long as your beard desires) through the best beard comb collection that WE GUARANTEE… you’ve never seen before.

Beard Gains is THE go to premium beard & facial hair comb manufacturer with over 70 different beard combs available. That BG logo is no different than a quality seal of approval to let others know that this beard comb right here? This comb right here dawg!? Is the BEST!

American made with premium woods, hand finished to perfection and topped off with the dopest designs on the market, in fact, if we don’t have a beard comb you’re looking for… we’ll even work with you to make a 1-of-1 custom beard comb just for you.

We don’t deal with China beard combs like every other company, but do not fret… not all are lost!  We currently manufacture for over 30 other beard care companies and counting. Yes, that is correct… wiser beard companies know to have Beard Gains manufacture their own personalized beard combs and we do so at wholesale pricing.  That way, they too can brag about offering a premium quality, American-made man tool just like ours.

Enough bragging…

Our beard/facial hair comb collection is roughly 7x larger than our biggest competitor!  That was the last one, we swear!

All jokes aside, thank you for being here and please enjoy our Beard Gains Comb FAQ’s below.

How To Use A Beard Comb

These types of combs can offer a user many purposes.  It can be used to eliminate debris and food that your beard strands have caught throughout the day and it can also be used as a grooming/styling tool to smooth out any wild facial hairs but all-in-all, in laments terms, you use it to simply comb your beard.

To use a facial hair comb, you need to wash beard first with a good beard wash then dry it. Apply beard oil to your dry facial hair then comb it from the roots outwards.  With that combing technique, make sure you run your beard comb from top to bottom and from the sides towards the beard’s center.  Doing this will allow you to untangle the facial hair knots that your beard has naturally created over time…

…it will also permit you to untangle the “oh so, unforgivingly annoying” knots that are created from a long night of volunteering free beard rides to damsels in distress.  It’s hard work, but somebodies gotta do it.

Beard Comb MemeBeard Comb Definition – An essential beard grooming tool after a long evening of donating free beard rides.


What To Know Before Buying
  1. A comb that is made of wood will actually absorb your natural beard oils and even more so when you comb your beard after applying a scented beard oil.
  2. A beard comb and a beard brush are two completely different grooming tools. A beard comb will usually offer a wide-tooth style layout while a beard brush is usually made of hundreds of tiny course hairs.
  3. DO NOT COMB YOUR BEARD WITH A HAIR COMB.  Hair combs are usually made with finer teeth and this is a huge problem for beards because facial hair is usually thick and curly and it is likely to snag if used on your face. This will cause facial irritation and a ton of emotional discomfort because remember…

“A patchy beard is never smiled upon but often joked upon.”

What Is A Beard Comb Best Used With?

Honestly, this is a very hard question because beard combs compliment all other beard products… but we WILL answer this question.  We believe it is best used after you use a type of beard wash or after you apply a type of beard oil. A beard wash removes all the dirt in your beard and just like after a shower, you need to comb your hair.  We like using our wooden beard combs after we apply beard oil because the wood of the comb absorbs your skin’s natural oils as well as the scented beard oil leaving your comb always smelling fantastic. Additionally, using a comb with beard oil helps in spreading beard oil through the beard evenly and this leads to a neater, healthier look.  So, the question is… what are you waiting for?!  BUY A COMB TODAY!



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