What Is A Beard Comb?

A beard comb falls into a couple categories.  It is considered a beard care product as well as a beard grooming tool. What makes this product stand out is it’s wide tooth characteristics to help avoid getting snagged and ripping out curly facial hairs.

What Are Beard Combs Made Out Of?

A beard comb can be made of essentially anything but it is most commonly made out of plastic, wood or metal. As briefly mentioned earlier, most beard combs have a wide tooth build for combing long beard strands while others can be fine-toothed to enable them to comb a shorter beard. But in reality, if you have a shorter beard, use a beard brush.


How To Use A Beard Comb

A beard comb has many purposes.  It can be used to eliminate debris and food that your beard strands have caught throughout the day and it can also be used as a grooming/styling tool to smooth out any wild facial hairs but all-in-all, in laments terms, you use it to simply comb your beard.

To use a beard comb, you need to wash beard first with a good beard wash then dry it. Apply bead oil to your dry facial hair then comb it from the roots outwards. This way, you will untangle knots that your beard may have built over time. Run your beard comb from top to bottom and from sides towards the beard’s center.

What To Take Away Before Choosing Any Of The Beard Combs Below
  1. A comb that is made of wood will actually absorb your natural beard oils and even more so when you comb your beard after applying a scented beard oil.
  2. A beard comb and a beard brush are two completely different grooming tools. A beard comb will usually offer a wide-tooth style layout while a beard brush is usually made of hundreds of tiny course hairs.
  3. DO NOT COMB YOUR BEARD WITH A HAIR COMB.  Hair combs are made with finer teeth and this is a huge problem for beards because facial hair is usually thick and curly and it is likely to snag if used on your face. This will cause facial irritation and a ton of emotional discomfort because remember…

“A patchy beard is never smiled upon but often joked upon.” BeardGains

What Is A Beard Comb Best Used With?

Honestly, this is a very hard question because beard combs compliment all other beard products… but we WILL answer this question.  We believe it is best used after you use a type of beard wash or after you apply a type of beard oil. A beard wash removes all the dirt in your beard and just like after a shower, you need to comb your hair.  We like using our wooden beard combs after we apply beard oil because the wood of the comb absorbs your skin’s natural oils as well as the scented beard oil leaving your comb always smelling fantastic. Additionally, using a comb with beard oil helps in spreading beard oil through the beard evenly and this leads to a neater, healthier look.



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