Beard Growth Vitamins

Made For A Man, Loved By Women

If you are a man that wants to grow a Zeus beard (which we have a comb for) or you simply want to win the “No Shave November” challenge against your buddies, you should probably consider beard vitamins, which are use as a beard growth supplement.

What are beard vitamins?

Beard vitamins are supplements that supply essential vitamins to a man’s body in order to help his beard and mustache grow longer, thicker, and healthier

What are they made of?

These beard growth supplements commonly contain vitamin D, Beta Carotene, folic acid, vitamin B 12, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and biotin, which will aid in the enhancement and growth of your facial hair and skin.

What is the best way to take beard growth supplements?

While each product may offer different directions on dosage, most beard vitamins come with instructions on the label on how to use them. In most cases, it will direct you to take the vitamins on a daily basis in order to supply your body everything it needs to consistently grow and promote a healthy beard every single day.

What are beard vitamins best used with?

These supplements are best used with other beard care products that lead to the growth of a healthier, thicker, more luxurious beard.