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A Guide to Handling Beard Dandruff

The best-looking beard can cover up and hide the real truth underneath, most likely dry and damaged skin. It happens, especially when the skin beneath the hairs becomes malnourished and flaky. Although a beard is like a barrier to your face, you still should make sure you are caring for and moisturizing the skin under the facial hair regularly. 

Beard dandruff is a common offender, and it can happen to anyone. Most men suffer from some form of beard dandruff, even if they are experts on the subject. So let's hear what the beard experts at Beard Gains have to say. 

Hear it from the Hair Experts

Beard dandruff is a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis, affecting large areas of the face and scalp. Some symptoms you will notice are the reddening of the skin and immense flaking and itching around that area

Hair experts and award-winning barbers have said the first thing you should do to have a full, healthy beard is to take care of the skin underneath the hair. Making a few minor adjustments to your regularly scheduled hygiene routine can go a long way. 

Dandruff can be caused by a fungus called Malassezia Globosa, which loves oil-rich environments to thrive in. The fungus soon starts to break down oils in your glands, leaving behind acids that irritate the skin and produce unsightly dandruff. Dry skin can cause similar flaking and peeling skin, even more commonly than dandruff. 

This is why learning and knowing basic beard care is a massive part of having or growing one. 


First things first. If you ever spot flakes on your chin or facial hair, get a proper beard brush immediately so you can exfoliate with it. A well-made beard brush not only exfoliates the skin underneath but can tame wild strands of hair and even detangle knots. Brushing your beard daily can take your rogue hairs and guide them in the direction you want, allowing for a more sophisticated tamed finish. 

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A beard care kit sitting on a table.


Keep that beard clean and pristine, and ensure you rinse all the shampoo and soap products after use. First, research a good brand of beard-friendly soap and shampoo before jumping in the bath or shower. 

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In order to keep flakes and dandruff at bay, it is essential to cleanse your hair with quality products and rinse several times. At least twice should suffice in order to remove all debris, oils, and other products. Be sure to rinse until all product traces are gone from your hair and skin. 

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After your beard is all crisp and clean, products like conditioner will be able to soften your facial hairs and strengthen them as it continues to grow. 


Nourishing your beard and skin is just as important as cleaning and brushing it daily. Products like beard oils are out there that can help hydrate and soften facial hair. Always lightly comb through the oil so it's evenly distributed throughout all the hairs. Doing this will also get the oil to the skin underneath that needs to be healed and fortified. Fight the flakes away with a good facial moisturizing lotion or beard moisturizer.

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Not often, as mentioned, but still plenty important is the power of "beard love." Loving yourself and your appearance is important but loving your beard is just as crucial to its growth and outcome. If you feel and look good, your partner or someone else will notice the new confidence. Beard confidence is real

When you love and care for your face and beard, it loves you right back. You can finally start to grow a healthier, fuller beard and do it faster than ever with products like Beard Gains, organic hand-crafted beard products available online. Like plants, beards included, most everything needs a little love and time to grow. 

A happy man with a healthy beard.

Some Tricks to Staying Dapper

Growing a beard is easy if you want to look like you just popped out of Jumanji riding a rhino. However, having a full, healthy, hearty beard, one that is lovingly maintained, can take time, effort, and commitment. No worries because with the right tips and tools for the job, you can bet it will come out just how you want.

Staying clean and brushed up is probably one of the best things you can do for your facial hair. There are beard products out there that help grow hair and help condition and style hair, and using these fan-favorite products will give you a better chance to develop that thicker, dapper beard you want to grow.     

Tools you Might Need to Stay Dapper. 

  • Beard or Mustache Comb
  • Beard Brush
  • Beard Care Kit
  • Beard Growth Kit
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Beard Oils and Moisturizers 
  • Trimmer or Shaving Kit                                       


Using the right products and techniques is essential to keep your beard dandruff free. These quality products will help to prevent flakes from building up and make your beard look more groomed. Make sure to rinse all the shampoo and soap off your beard after each shower, and use a good brand of beard-friendly soap and shampoo. 

You can also use a conditioner to soften your beard and keep it healthy. Be sure to moisturize your beard regularly with a product like beard oil, which will help to keep it hydrated and free from flakes.

Growing and caring for a beard is not as complicated as it seems but requires some effort. With the right tools, products, and tips, you can have the healthy and handsome beard you've always wanted in no time. Remember to love and care for your beard; it will love you back!

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