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The 5 Most Popular Long Beard Styles


If “bigger is better” is your go-to when it comes to beard styles, you’re in the right place.

Growing out a long, full beard is an epic adventure. And while it takes time and patience, it’s worth the wait and effort to get your favorite look.

Your terminal beard length is ultimately determined by genetics, but you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of ways to shape and style a long beard to help you look well-groomed and boost your confidence.

Keep reading for the five most popular long beard styles and our tips for growing out a long beard!

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1. The Classic Full Beard

Nothing beats the OG beard style—it’s a great choice if you have full coverage and can grow a thick, full beard.

Other than defining your cheek areas, you can let your facial hair grow naturally to achieve the classic full beard.

A “full” beard is typically over 3-4 inches long; anything shorter is usually put in the “boxed” beard category.

The downside of this full beard style is that it requires serious beard growth. If your beard is patchy, you might want to look at other long beard styles—like the Verdi.

2. The Verdi

This popular long beard style, named after the famous Italian composer, draws attention to the middle of your face and emphasizes the mustache. The result is an overall gentlemanly and elegant look.

To achieve the Verdi, you’ll need either a large, bushy mustache styled to the edge of your face or a curled up handlebar. 

The Verdi works with most longer lengths, but you’ll have to keep the chin area rounded and edges shorter than the rest. 

This look even works with patchy beards, so if you don’t have full coverage but want to grow a long beard, the Verdi might be the answer.

3. The Lumberjack

In contrast to the clean, elegant look the Verdi beard brings, the Lumberjack is a style that screams burly and strong. Even if it’s often associated with the “hipster” culture, it’s still a great long beard style to achieve a manly look—and it pairs with most face shapes.

The Lumberjack is all about keeping your edges clean by regularly trimming your cheeks, neckline, sideburns, and mustache.

With this beard, you can keep the lines straight on the side, trimming your goatee area either to a rounded style or a point.

Yes, it’s a burly, manly style, but you still need to spend some time trimming and grooming to keep it up.

4. The Warrior

If you want an iconic, tough look to reflect your inner warrior or Viking, this beard style is the one for you. However, you’ll need a thick, long beard, patience, and commitment to go for a braided beard style like the Warrior.

You can choose from different beard braids or add some stylish beads if you’re feeling extra bold.

It’s a fierce look that allows some creativity for grooming and styling, but tying up and braiding your facial hair can accelerate damage, meaning you’ll need to show it some extra love with beard care and moisturizing products.

A man with a Viking beard

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5. Wild and Carefree

Finally, the all-natural wild and carefree style is always popular, and 2022 is no different. Growing this long beard is easy—you don’t need to do any major shaping or trimming; let it grow free and wild to enjoy a low-stress care routine.

However, even though you can save some energy on styling and trimming, it’s important not to skip essential steps like cleaning your beard and using moisturizing products like beard oil.

Tips for Growing Out Your Long Beard

If your heart’s set on growing out a long beard, you’ll need patience and commitment to a spectacular beard care routine.

You’ll need:

A Well-Balanced Diet

The right foods should be at the top of your beard-growing checklist—your body needs the right nutrients to help your facial hair grow.

Proteins and good fats from meat, eggs, and vegetables are great. Highly-processed foods and sugars are best left alone.

Regular Exercise

Working out is great for your whole body. It can improve your brain chemistry and general health, promote higher testosterone levels, and even help blood circulation.

All of these can benefit your beard growth.

Better Sleep

Getting enough sleep gives you a health boost in general, but it can also help your facial hair grow, manage stress levels, and help your body build and regenerate tissue (like beard hair).

Most people should aim for between seven and nine hours of quality sleep each day.

Skip the Trim

Put the trimmer down! We know it’s tempting to try to shape your beard early in the process, but you shouldn’t trim at all for the first month or so—this allows your facial hair to grow out and fill in any spots that seem patchy at first.

Once it gets longer, you’ll be able to shape it into your desired style and let it keep growing from there.

Use Beard Oil

No matter the length of your beard, beard oil is your best friend. From stubble to your first “yeard,” you should be applying beard oil regularly.

It keeps your skin and facial hair hydrated while preventing itchiness, dandruff, etc.

Comb and Brush Regularly

Don’t forget that your facial hair still needs plenty of love and attention. Brushing and detangling can help distribute your beard oil evenly and stimulate blood flow in your skin.

This part of your beard care routine will also help you train your facial hair to grow in a specific direction while preventing pesky curls.

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Rock Your New Long Beard Style!

Two friends with long beards

If you can invest the patience and energy into growing out your beard, you can rock any of these epic long beard styles.

No matter what look you go for, the proper beard care routine is essential.

Keep it clean with beard shampoo and conditioner and hydrated with products like beard balm and beard oil. In addition, beard wax and other styling products can help you keep those unruly hairs in place.

Ready to start your long beard journey? Check out our beard growth kit that has everything you need to grow and care for your beard during every stage of your journey.

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