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The Top Health Benefits of Having A Beard

Aesthetically, beards are more than just pleasing to the eye. Just ask the millions of Jason Mamoa's fans all across the continent. For example, If you fully shaved a Viking of his glorious flowing mane, he might look more like the 18-year-old head barista at your local Starbucks. 

Facial hair can make a man look sexier and more distinguished and prove his dedication and patience. But with a great beard comes even greater responsibility. One must take care of their beard, and in return, it will take care of them. 

But how? Some studies have been done to show that un-kept beards may contain harmful bacteria. Whereas having and maintaining a well-kept beard can have a long list of health benefits for the wearer.

Does Growing a Beard have Health Benefits?

Actually Yes! According to many dermatologists, growing a beard is as aesthetically pleasing as it is protective of your skin. A full beard can protect against environmental factors like wind and rain, keeping the skin from chafing badly and further succumbing to injury.

A good beard is a great companion! A dear friend to help you look good and get you through life together. They can make a person feel powerful, strong, and confident. Listed below are some of the top health benefits of having a beard or facial hair. 

Beards that Keep You Warm

Beards can help to keep your neck, chin, and mouth area warm with the extra layer. Your beard can keep your face warmer in colder weather conditions. And with a fuller and longer beard, the better. Think of natural "insulation" for your face. Beard Bonus!  

The additional layer also keeps you from harsh winter winds that can chafe and damage your skin. A beard may even lessen your chances of catching a cold or bacterial infection. 

Beards that Keep You Looking Good

Research conducted by the Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society found that men with full beards may be looked at in a more attractive light, in an almost manly, fatherly way, by people of all sexes. 

Studies also indicate that having a beard improves self-perception and promotes higher confidence levels. Beard Confidence makes you feel good, which in turn helps you look your best. 

A man with a beard.

Beards that Protect your Skin

Through wind, rain, snow, and dangerous UV rays from the sun, a beard doth protect his master. However, it truly depends on the thickness and density of the mane. Beards have been shown to protect skin from sun damage up to 90 percent. Sun damage can cause wrinkles and aging and, worse instances, dangerous skin cancers. 

Another benefit of having facial hair is that a beard keeps your skin moist and looking young. Due to sebaceous glands in your skin, your face has its own moisturizing regime. These natural oils are essential for protecting your skin and keeping your facial hair healthy. 

It can be hard to find quality products to keep your beard healthy. Beard Gains has everything you need to have the beard of your dreams. 

Beards are our Natural Face Shields

Facial hair can make life a little better for people who have asthma or are at risk for allergies. Not to be substituted for a facial mask, but in some ways, a beard acts as a natural barrier between dust, pollen, germs, and your nose and mouth

Beards, mustaches, and even nose hair grow there to prevent things like allergy-inducing pollen and dust from getting into the respiratory system. Your built-in face filter works all year round, warding off germs and other yearly respiratory diseases. 

Beard Care 101: Your Beard's Health is Your Health

A beard is not always easy to grow or maintain, if you can even grow one to begin with. In fact, many men struggle ever to grow a full beard. Furthermore, if you don't properly care for the hair and skin, it becomes a hotspot of bacteria and dry patchy skin

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Things like dandruff, lice, and accumulated yeast can become a problem if you just let your beard grow without much thought and care. 

There is also a skin condition that is called "Acne Keloidalis." This condition is when ingrown hair follicles appear around the area of the facial hair. This scaling of the skin and bumps can leave permanent scarring around the neck and face. 

A man enjoying the benefits of having a beard.

Tips to Maintain Your Mane

First comes patience, and then it will take some time, but with some dedication, you can grow a healthy beard in months. Here are some top grooming tips for anyone wanting to grow their facial hair. 

Let it Grow!

Let it grow. You'll want to avoid razors for a while. Patience is needed because, unfortunately, a luscious beard can't grow overnight. Keep it brushed and cleaned as it grows in the direction you want

Keep it Clean

Special shampoos are available, and you can wash your beard regularly. Gentle face washes with added moisturizers are the best option for your hair and skin. Oils and Lotions can help dry and cracked skin heal and keep your beard silky soft. 

Moisturize Daily

Always check under the beard like you would a hood. Because, like a car, the stuff underneath the beauty needs just as much attention to stay healthy. You might even notice your face becoming oily and starting to break out, and this can actually be from your skin not getting enough moisture. 

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Rest Up

Stress can make your hair fall out or grow brittle. People who don't sleep well and have insomnia can have more difficulty growing a proper beard the way they want.

Proper Diet 

Like most things, our skin and hair follicles require nutrients and minerals to survive and flourish. Nourishment is vital in growing strong hair. Proteins, fruits, vegetables, and vitamins in a balanced diet can speed up hair growth. In addition, supplements like Biotin are used to help grow your hair and nails.

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Keep it Polished

Make sure you trim and brush up the hairs often. There are some tools out there to help you get the shape and quality of beard you are looking for. If you aren't comfortable with a pair of clippers, it's good to look up your local barber in town for a fresh, clean look.

For all your beard care needs, be sure to shop Beard Gains's line of Oils and other care items that keep your face feeling great. 

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