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Male Manscaping: How to Shave Pubic Hair for Men

Men’s grooming has come quite a way compared to the past. Traditionally men’s grooming of just shaving beards is no longer the only topic for men shaving. In current times men may choose to shave arms, legs, back, and their private areas.

Over the years it's become more acceptable for men to shave other areas of their bodies. It is no longer necessary to feel self-conscious about why it’s done.

In the article, we will provide information about how to shave pubic hair for men popularly known as Manscaping.

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What is Manscaping?

The definition of manscaping is the trimming or removal of hair on a man's body for cosmetic effect. However, it is mostly referenced towards the grooming and trimming below the belt, usually focusing on preventing the overgrown forest of pubic hair.

Whichever definition a person chooses to follow, the bottom line is that it all comes down to hair control. The essence of manscaping is the tasks of grooming in your overall routine, but ultimately manscaping is removing, trimming, and keeping body hair under control.

The trend of manscaping seems to be lasting for some time, and it does not look as though it will be going away anytime soon. Check out this article from Forbes.

shaving tools

Choosing the Right Tools to Trim Your Tools

Your grooming regimen already probably includes everything you need to begin manscaping your pubic region. Just in case you don't, we will go over it with you.

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Manual Razors

It is a scary thought of using a manual razor below the belt. It's only natural to feel anxious about it since one wrong slip or move will cause a cut. But don't worry, a manual razor is a useful tool for trimming pubic hair, especially if you want it to be completely hairless down there. Just be patient and take it slow.

Electric Razor

The other choice is an electric razor. It's convenient because it can be used on almost any part of your body. An advantage is that they are useful for trimming areas which are hard to reach


Scissors are great for snipping away any excess hair before you start to shape or trim the area. 

Hand Mirror

Make sure you have a hand mirror because you need to see precisely when you are trimming. A fog-free hand mirror is worth the investment. 

Shaving Gel

It is vital to lubricate properly the area you want to shave. Choose a shave gel of quality, so it will help to prevent any cuts or nicks while letting you shave smoothly. 

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Body Powder

Using baby powder after shaving your pubic area has many benefits, including soothing any skin irritation, absorbing excess moisture, reducing odors, and keeping things cool down there.

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Step by step on how to trim your private area

First trim before a close shave 

Trim any excess hair first; by doing this, you will reduce any tugging or pulling. Next, if you are using an electric shaver, set your trimmer's length guide to a longer setting. If you are using a manual razor, slowly shave the longer hairs first and then go in shave to your desired preference. 

Make sure to stand upright when trimming and hold the trimmer or clippers in your dominant hand. Then use the other hand to keep your scrotum and penis out of harm's way. If you are using scissors, then you may want to use a comb as a length guide. Press the comb gently flat against the skin and trim the hair that extends beyond the comb's teeth. Take a look at our company’s website where we sell men’s grooming combs.

Second, let the shaving begin

Once you have trimmed your pubic region referring to the bushy part above your genitals, take a shower if you already haven't. Make sure to lather up the area with shaving gel, and with your razor take light strokes while shaving in a downward motion. 

Also, rinse your razor under the shower head frequently, so the blades don't become clogged with trimmed hair. Make sure to use a fresh blade whenever possible because a dull blade will increase the risk of irritation and cuts.

Importantly, do not use the same blade from your pubic area to use on other parts of your body.

Third Shaving Your Scrotum 

Shaving your scrotum, or at least the idea of shaving it is an anxious predicament to many men. And, of course, proceed with caution when shaving this extremely very sensitive area of your body. 

First Tip 

Coldwater is your friend, it helps make the skin taut and easier to shave

Second Tip 

Keep your penis out of the way because you need to have a clear picture and path of what you're doing when shaving your scrotum. It's best to move your penis upward toward your belly.

Third Tip 

Shaving the "curve." You will want to shave the curvature of your penis, and you should lather it up with shave gel first. Shave it in a downward motion and proceed very slowly. Be very cautious.

Fourth Tip

Shaving under the scrotum. Be extremely careful and take it slow.

  • Lather up with a shaving gel and apply it to the area.
  • Crouch down, it would be easier if you are in your bathtub and put a hand mirror under you. 
  • Using your free hand, pull your sack upward.
  • Using your other hand, take your razor and gently shave downward, applying light pressure. 
  • Frequently rinse your razor during the process to prevent clogging.
  • Once you are finished, use an antibacterial soap to wash the shaved areas.
  • Use a clean and dry towel to dry yourself. Don't use rubbing motions, especially on and around the areas you've just shaved.
  • Don't hesitate to use an antiseptic or body powder after shaving your scrotum. Go easy on the antiseptic at first because you don't want to overdo it and cause stinging.

Fifth Tip 

Trimming the hair on your penis or around it. Your penis and his two friends hanging below are very sensitive. Shaving them involves: using your free hand to flatten out a small section of skin and slowly shave with even strokes. Again be careful

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We hope the information provided to you in this article has helped you. There are many different ways to achieve becoming a manscaper. 

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