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Beard Brush vs Beard Comb: Which One Is The Best For You?

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A beard has become somewhat of a fashion statement. It can turn a boy into a man. It can also turn a man from being unnoticed to being untouchable. It’s a sense of pride and a sense of achievement. One thing that rings so true about a beard is the mammoth effort it seems to take to grow and maintain one. Some men are naturally blessed with the beard-growing genetics, while some will take months, possibly even years to get a beard they can finally groom.

If you are wondering whether to use a brush or comb, the following information should help you to decipher, which is best.

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What Exactly Is A Beard Brush?

A beard brush is one of the many tools men can use to tame their beards and keep them in check. But there’s no "one size fits all" brush that you can grab off the shelf.

  • Size- It matters, right? Well, not really when it comes to beard brushes. It’s more about what you find comfortable and easy to hold and then use. There are a variety of different sizes out there, from travel-sized ones you can keep in your coat pocket, to the larger brushes you might want to leave at home.
  • The handle/body- Individual brands decide what size and shape they would like the handle and the body to maximize comfort and ease of beard grooming. The common theme that you will notice throughout your beard-grooming journey is that it all comes down to personal preference and needs.

In terms of material, most brushes are either made from wood and plastic. There are positives and negatives to both options. Wood seems to be the most popular option. They’re easier to hold, they feel far more robust, and they’re more durable. Many of the beard brushes are now made from bamboo, which is far more environmentally friendly.

Wood brushes also tend to have a more aesthetically pleasing finish than other types of brushes. There’s only one downside to wood beard brushes; they don’t like water. While you can still clean only the bristles with soapy water and avoid the wood, the better option might be to dry clean it using another comb to clean out the hair and any leftover residue.

The cheaper option is generally the synthetic plastic option and the most popular choice for that reason. Most men don’t take in the aesthetics and quality of a brush into consideration, just the price tag they hold. They are far less durable than wood, and some say they’re harder to hold due to the slippery grip on the plastic. However, there are alternatives such as cellulose acetate, which is more of a rubber-like alternative to the synthetic plastic that might have popped into your mind.

There is the option of ox horn. Before you disregard it, ox horn has been used in ancient Chinese medicine, with properties that help improve the quality of blood. It can improve circulation and blood flow to promote hair follicle growth. Oh, and not to mention, it contains keratin, which is essential for hair growth.

  • Bristles- This is an essential part of the brush. The bristles determine the type of finish you’re going to get with your beard. Get the wrong bristles for your beard, and you could find yourself with some painful experiences, these brushes can pull at the hairs on your face.

There are bristles that are made of natural hair, usually derived from horses, with this being a significant preference. Natural bristles are the perfect combination of both stiffness and flexibility, so it does not cause any discomfort during the grooming process. It also allows you to detangle your beard effortlessly. Whether you pick natural or synthetic, you still need to consider bristle size. The longer the bristle, the more effective it is for longer beards, and vice versa for smaller bristles. It can also be said that horsehair can distribute your skin’s natural oils more effectively.

Synthetic bristles can derive from different materials, but it’s usually plastic. For this reason, the price is typically at the lower range. This option generally suits any vegans or anyone who believes animal parts should not be used for products. The quality isn’t necessarily any less due to it being synthetic, but there are disadvantages. Often grooming with synthetic bristles is more aggressive and can cause the hair to pull out, leading to a patchy beard or irritated skin underneath.

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What Exactly Is A Beard Comb?

A beard comb is just another tool that men have at their disposal to maintain their beards. It’s different in shape, size, and the way it can be used. Just like with the brush, there are different styles, and advantages and disadvantages that we’re going to share with you.

  • Size- Combs come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s based on personal preference as to what you go for. Some men complain that using a comb is harder than a brush due to their sleek design, rather than having a more robust handle to hold.
  • The Handle/Body- When it comes to combs, some people assume that they are plastic and cheap. Well, that’s what a lot of them are, and for that reason, beard growers don’t like to use them. The handle and body generally don’t feel as robust to hold, and you’ll find yourself in the shops buying replacements before you know it.

However, there are alternatives. A lot of combs are now made from wood, which does make them more robust, yet slightly more expensive. They look more aesthetically pleasing, and the more expensive ones will give a high-quality finish. It can be said that cheaper versions will catch in your beard.

Some combs are made from metal, so most men chose to avoid this. They’re so slippery to hold that they tend to snag on the beard, and they’re not typically the best option.

Like with the brush, there’s also the ox horn option, which has the same excellent properties as it would with the bush. It will provide that well-groomed appearance most men are looking for when grooming their beard.

  • Comb Teeth- It’s not necessarily the handle or the size that you need to think about, those will determine the ease of use. It’s the teeth that will provide the truly finished product. It’s the width of the teeth that you need to concentrate on. The wider the teeth, the easier it’ll be for it to comb through your beard. However, if you have a soft beard, it might be beneficial for you to use a comb with narrowly spaced teeth.

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What Are The Differences Between Beard Comb and Brush?

The first distinctive difference is the shape and size of the brush. Men are going to have different grooming experiences holding a brush than they are a comb. The brushes are far bulkier than the combs, but most would say that makes them easier to use.

Combs are flatter and can be harder to grip; however, they’re to be used at a different time during beard growth to the brush, which we will discuss further along.

The brush has bristles that can reach the deeper levels of your beard, therefore spreading oils easier and giving a better finish.

Brushes are just one-sided with a flat hardback; combs have two sides of teeth with one being narrower and one being wider.

When Should You Use A Beard Comb and Brush?

It all depends on what stage you are with growing your beard. If you’re within the first three months, you should use a brush. A comb would not have the ability to spread the oils evenly that your beard needs to grow.

There also won’t be enough hair to comb, but there should be to brush. You should also factor in the length of your beard as it might be long enough to comb after a month or two.

So, for the first few months, you should brush your beard once a day when applying beard balm or oil. From about three to five months, you can transition to a comb, but again it depends on the growth rate of your beard. The comb should glide through the hair to detangle and tame. For the best beard results, use both and to continue brushing once a day when applying beard balm or oil.

Which One Is Best For You?

As you might have gathered thus far, it’s completely down to you and your personal preference. If you don't feel comfortable about using horsehair, opt for synthetic plastic. Both are going to be needed at some point along your beard journey, so you’re going to have to purchase one of each in the coming weeks or months. Both are going to work well for you as long as you know your beard and what stage it’s in.

What To Look For In A Beard Comb or Brush?

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There are a few main things that you need to look into when purchasing a beard comb or brush.

  • The first is the cost vs. quality. There are a lot of brands selling brushes that might carry an expensive price tag, but the quality isn’t going to match. It’s essential to do some research and see what the reviews say first, after all, a horrible brush or comb could ruin your beard!
  • You also need to check what material the handle and bristles or teeth are made of. You need to make sure that it’s one you’re going to like and one that’s suitable for your beard.
  • With beard combs, it might be worth finding out whether it was hand made or machine-made. Some beard experts say that a handcrafted comb is going to work far better and be far more durable than a machine-made one.

Why Should You Be Using A Beard Comb?

A beard comb is essential for keeping your beard tamed and looking healthy. There will be many times during the day when a beard comb is going to come in handy.

  • Tip number one is to make sure that you’re always using the right teeth for your beard, which you should know how to do from the information above.
  • The second tip is all about the finish, and the best finish is achieved by combing up first to fluff out the beard, and then combing down again.
  • The third tip is to make sure that you don’t excessively comb your beard, or you could cause some to snag out or irritation and growth disruption.
  • The fourth tip is to make sure you’re always using beard oil before you comb if you’re in the house and combing as part of a morning/nighttime routine.
  • The fifth and final tip is to relax if your comb gets caught. Don’t try to yank it out, or you may rip some hair out at the same time. Take your time to ease the comb out of the beard.

There are also many benefits to a beard comb:

  • The first is that it’s so easy to use, and it keeps your beard in check when the elements might be trying to do otherwise.
  • They’re easy to take around with you, so you can always feel confident in knowing you look well-groomed and have a tool with you if not.
  • They give you the confidence to look and feel good at all times!

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Why Should You Be Using A Beard Brush?

A brush is a fundamental part of your beard grooming experience, and it starts with you at the beginning. A brush gives you the power to maintain and grow your beard within those first few months.

Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Try and dry clean wherever you possibly can if you’re using a wooden brush handle, but always make sure you are cleaning after every use or two.
  • Beard brushes always give a better finish if you’re using them in conjunction with beard oil or balm. The bristles work the balm or oil deep into the beard.
  • Brush your beard when it’s dry rather than wet, wet hair stretches more and is more prone to breaking than dry hair.
  • Take care of your brush and make sure that you clean it so then you don’t have a build-up of grime and hair, which could affect how effective the brush is.

Some of the benefits of using one include:

  • A brush can give a man the motivation and tools he needs to maintain his beard, especially if brought when buying beard oil as well. Often buying a brush and oil is the first step in a man’s beard journey.
  • They give an excellent finish and are easy to use. You shouldn’t worry too much about a good quality brush affecting your beard.
  • Using a brush is a great way to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, which ultimately helps the hair to grow at a quicker rate.

What Is The Proper Way To Use A Beard Brush or Comb?

There are some ways of using both a brush and a comb that match. For instance, with both the brush and a comb, you should be trying to use them once having applied beard oil or balm. Both also groom better if you chose to wait until your beard is dry.

It’s also imperative that you take your time to clean both the brush and the comb as often as possible. Bear in mind; you won’t be able to see leftover grim on a brush as easily as you will with a comb, it still needs cleaning regularly.

When using your brush, it’s always essential to make sure you’re brushing with the grain rather than against it, which keeps it neat and trim. With the comb, it’s recommended to brush up and against the grain, to begin with to fluff out the beard. Then comb back down to give that perfect finish.

With a comb, you also have the option to comb the layers, especially if your beard is thick. This will help to give you that volumized look if that’s what you’re going for. But you don’t want to overdo it. Make sure you’re taking your time to comb slowly, and never rush to pull out a snag, work it out slowly.

How To Take Care Of Your Beard Brush and Comb?

We’ll start with the beard comb because it’s the easier of the two to take care of. Simply use some shampoo and warm water will do the trick. Luckily with a comb, it’s easy to see when it’s cleaned. However, if you have chosen a wooden comb, all you need to do is use a few drops of oil on a paper towel to clean, you can even use a toothbrush to clean in between the teeth of the comb if needed.

For the brush, you need a more invasive clean. The best way to do so is to use a comb to move the bristles outwards to reveal any loose hairs that need removing. You can then use a cotton swab to run in between bristles to pry loose hairs free and to clean deep into the bristles. All you have to do is use the same shampoo and soap solution, and only submerge the bristles if using a wooden brush.

You need to make sure both are stored in a clean and dry place. The more you care for your brushes and combs, the longer they’re going to last.


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So, you might have realized that there is more to beard grooming than merely running a brush through it every morning. Growing a beard is going to take time and patience, but as long as you have to correct tools and you follow the advice we’ve provided, your beard growing journey will be a great one.

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