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Should I Shave My Beard? The Truth Revealed

It's a question that every guy with a beard has asked himself at one point or another. The question is often asked because of a specific situation, such as a job interview, but the question is also asked as a beard is grown and must be maintained.

The longer the beard, the more time should be spent on your beard to keep it looking good. And maybe you are just looking for a change, but don't let that change be because of some of the following reasons. There are excellent beard products to help make your beard a statement rather than an embarrassment, so see if these resonate with you, and glory in your beard.

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My Beard Is Unruly

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons men decide to shave off their beard is that they find after a little while that their beard is unruly. Their beard might look scruffy and unkempt, hairs are sticking out of odd places in their beard, or it just doesn't have that nice 'flow' that some men seem to attain just by growing a beard.

The truth is that having a beard, a truly good-looking beard, requires a little bit of work. It doesn't take much to make your beard look fantastic, and a great start is to get a beard grooming kit. These kits will have several items that each have their own purpose and together will make your beard much more attractive and manageable.

You will likely have a beard comb (meant for longer beards), possibly a beard brush (meant for shorter beards), at least one beard oil bottle, some beard wax, and perhaps some beard conditioner. Typically these kits also offer some tips and tricks on using each of these items on your beard, and following these steps with the products will dramatically affect your beard, how it looks, and how it feels. So don't cut off that beard, instead, spend a little time with it and treat it right.

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Beard Dandruff

Maybe your beard has been doing great, and you like it. Your wife, friends, and family really like it. Except for one issue that you've noticed: you have beard dandruff. And this sometimes causes you to want to shave off your beard for certain events where you want to look your best and not have little white flakes on your nice clothes. What's a bearded boy to do?

Fortunately, there are a few options that you can look into that will help with the dandruff issue, and will likely also make your beard even more eye-catching. First, take a look at some beard oils. Not only will these help your beard to look better, but it will also moisturize the skin on your face so that the dandruff goes away.

You can use this a few times per week and at specific times when you want your beard to look the best. Another option to consider is a beard conditioner that you use during a shower. This, too, adds moisture to your skin to help stave off the dandruff issue. And once you've tackled your beard dandruff, you'll never have to worry about messing up those nice clothes again.

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It Just Gets So Darn Itchy

This is another common issue amongst the beard-growing populace. As the beard grows, but especially early on, men find that their beard is itchy, and they can't help but to scratch their face from time to time.

Even those with a full beard can experience the itchy factor from time to time. In nearly all of these cases, this is caused by skin that has not been looked after properly. You can do things when caring for your beard that will help curb the itchy beard, starting with beard shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo and conditioner you use for the hair on top of your head is not the stuff you should use on your beard. Believe it or not, the hair is different in both places, and the environment is different as well.

Beards typically have a drier patch to grow on, so the skin needs some extra moisture to keep things healthy. Beyond the shampoo and conditioner, you can add in a beard oil and even a beard balm, both of which will help with moisture and make your beard look amazing. So get rid of that itch while you grow that awesome beard.

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Does It Look Attractive

Perhaps this is a question that isn't asked much, but men still want to know if their beard looks good. If they have an unattractive beard, they will likely shave it off and never consider growing a beard again. But beards don't take a lot of work to look good, and most people enjoy beards on men, including other men.

When you take a little time to keep your beard trimmed and neat looking, it adds to your look, not detracts from it. It makes you look more masculine, and people tend to take you more seriously.

Using some of the products that we've already mentioned – the shampoo and conditioner options, having some beard oil handy for occasional use, using beard balm or beard wax for styling and looks – will help keep your beard looking as good as the rest of you. And let's face it, most women like a man with some sort of beard, so you've got that going for you too.

When you look in the mirror, you'll see a great looking beard that rewards you with compliments from people, and you can enjoy being in the bearded club.

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Wrap Up

As we mentioned at the start of this article, there are many reasons why a man would want to end up shaving off his beard. Fortunately, several of those reasons for shaving off a beard have to do with things that are directly in your control. Having the right tools to care for your beard is a great first step, and will help to make sure that your beard is under control. Trimming a few stray hairs and combing through your beard will keep it looking nice. There are additional items to use to help control dandruff, flaky skin, and even irritation from your beard. When you take care of the skin under the beard, your beard will look better, and you'll feel better. And once you've taken a little time to care for your beard, you'll get lots of compliments from guys and gals, and you'll think twice about shaving off your glorious beard.

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