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Everything You Need To Know About Patchy Beards

There are so many men out there that worry about patchy beards. They spend hours obsessing over the patches and looking for ways to get their beard to fill out. But the truth is, most people have a few patches in their beard, and that’s perfectly normal. Some people can grow a beard that doesn’t have any patches, but most cannot. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all of the benefits of having a full beard, but you must avoid the common mistakes that men with patchy beards make.

These include not growing the beard out enough, not giving your beard enough time, comparing your beard to others and setting unrealistic expectations about patches, falling for growth oil scams, and not caring for your patchy beard properly.

This article will give you more in-depth information about these mistakes, as well as some useful advice on dealing with a patchy beard.

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Common Mistakes Made By Men with Patchy Beards

Not Growing The Beard Out

So many people notice patches in their beards and decide that they just can’t grow a proper beard so they won’t have one at all. But this is crazy because there are so many people that have patchy beards and still look great, you just need to experiment with different styles. If you grow a longer beard, for example, the patches are usually not noticeable. Shorter styles and mustache-centric beard styles also work well with patchy beards. Don’t be afraid to grow out your beard if it’s patchy; just experiment with different styles and find one that works for you.

Not Giving The Beard Time

In many cases, your beard may not be as patchy as you think. Facial hair does not grow at the same rate across your face, and some areas will grow slower than others, with less coverage to start with. Many people make the mistake of growing their beard out for a few weeks and then assuming that it's very patchy. However, a beard with 50% coverage after two weeks may have 70% coverage or more if you give it a month. Before you start changing styles or give up on your beard completely, just give it some more time to fill out. Longer beards tend to be more evenly distributed, and the patches are less noticeable, so just give it time, and you will notice a significant improvement.

Comparing Yourself To Others

This is the biggest trap that men with patchy beards fall into. Just because you see other people that can grow a full beard with no patches in just a few weeks, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your beard. Everybody is different, and it’s important to remember that you are growing a beard for you and nobody else. You don’t control your genetics, and everybody’s facial hair grows in its own way. Once you start focusing on your own beard and growing it in a way that you like, instead of comparing yourself to others, you will make peace with your patches.

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Falling For Scams

Even though it’s essential to accept that you have a patchy beard, you may still be looking for ways to improve coverage, and that’s fine. However, you need to be careful because there are a lot of scams out there. You may have seen advertisements for beard oils that promise to fill in patches and give you a full beard. The truth is, they don’t work, and they prey on men that are insecure about their patchy beards. These products are no different from pills that claim to cure baldness or give you a six-pack overnight, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Not Taking Care Of Your Beard

Beards require a lot of care if they are going to grow properly, so you must look after yours, especially if you have patches. When you use the right beard products, like beard wash and beard oils, you can keep the skin and hair healthy and encourage better hair growth. However, if you do not use the right products, you will notice more patches and potentially other issues, like itchiness and dryness. There are a lot of beard products on the market, so you must experiment and find a beard care routine that works for you.

How To Fix A Patchy Beard?

If you are unhappy with your patchy beard and you want to fix it, there are a few simple things that you can do to help.

Let It Grow

The easiest way to improve your patchy beard is simply to let it grow. Giving it more time to develop will allow patchy areas more time to fill out, and a long beard can provide a more even coverage, and help smoothly blend the patches. If you allow your beard to grow out and experiment with different styles, you can cover most patches.

Keep It Short

Alternatively, you can keep your patchy beard short and let it do its thing. With a shorter stubble style, you don’t need to worry as much about shaping it, and it still looks great when it is not quite even along with some patchy areas.


If you are planning to grow out your beard, it's highly recommended to use beard conditioners. This helps keep the beard healthy and also makes it easier to style it in a way that covers the patches.

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Our Pristine and Valhalla beard conditioners are perfect for hydrating and moisturizing all hair types, and they have a great scent that women love. They are entirely free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and the formula is one hundred percent vegan. When you use these beard conditioners, you will see a noticeable difference in the softness of your beard, and the patches will be a lot more manageable.

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Brush It

Brushing is a vital part of the beard care process because it helps to distribute natural oils that sit on the shaft of the hair. You can also brush longer hairs over the shorter patches to give yourself more even coverage. We stock a wide range of wooden and metal beard combs in a variety of cool designs, like our punisher or brass knuckle combs, for example. Our utility beard comb is a great product that comes with a built-in mirror and a variety of combs, so you can keep your beard looking great when you are on the go.

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 Beard Grow Gummies


People often overlook the importance of diet when it comes to beard growth, but there are a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients that encourage healthy hair growth. Our Beard Gains growth supplement is packed full of massive amounts of biotin, as well as 34 other essential hair growth nutrients. Biotin has been shown to grow hair at 1667% of your daily value, so it makes a huge difference. We also stock beard growth gummies that contain the same essential ingredients, including biotin, but they come in a delicious strawberry flavor.

If you are concerned about gray hairs in your beard, our Gray Be Gone supplement is a huge help. The expert blend of vitamins and minerals, designed by physicians and engineers, has everything that you need to stop the spread of gray hairs in your beard.

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Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that patchy beards are perfectly normal, and most men have at least some small patches in their beards. It’s best to lean into it and find a style that works for your beard, rather than stressing about patches. However, if you want to ensure that your beard is healthy and reduce the appearance of patches, make sure to follow the beard care tips on this list.

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