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The Complete Guide to Minoxidil and Beard Growth

While sometimes there are things you can do to help improve beard growth, things like genetics just can’t be changed. There is no magic solution to those problems, but that doesn’t mean that you are out of hope. 

Minoxidil, or sometimes branded Rogaine, might be the solution to your beard growth problems. Usually, this product is used for treating balding issues, but it can also be utilized to stimulate beard growth. Minoxidil can also help speed up the rate that beard hair grows and thicken the existing hair. 

Are you ready to start growing the beard you’ve been wanting? Beard Gains knows how important a beard can be, so we have this complete guide on Minoxidil to help you get your beard on track. 

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How Does Minoxidil Grow Facial Hair

There are still ongoing studies about how Minoxidil actually works. We do know how some of it works. The active chemical potassium focuses on the beard area and helps to boost circulation around the hair follicle. Minoxidil also helps convert the dormant follicles to an active growth phase. 

There have been many successful studies where Minoxidil has been proven to grow hair. One group went as far as testing a 3% Minoxidil on almost fifty test subjects over a sixteen-week study. Results showed that those who used Minoxidil had an increase in the growth of facial hair. 

Side Effects and Safety

While the FDA has approved Minoxidil to be safe and this treatment is available over the counter, it still has a host of side effects. 

Common side effects

  • Dry Skin - This is easy to fix by treating your beard to oil or conditioner.  
  • Body hair growth
  • Hair and beard shedding - While this is a treatment for hair growth, some people notice shedding.

How to Grow A Beard Using Minoxidil in 5 Easy Steps

Step #1 – Wash your face

The best way to start growing a beard is to have a clean foundation.

Step #2 – Dampen your face with a towel

Some studies show that Minoxidil is most effective on a damp face rather than just applied on a dry surface. 

Step #3 – Apply Minoxidil 

There are many different ways to apply Minoxidil to your face. Follow the directions on the package. Some supply a dropper, and others have spray nozzles or foam. 

Step #4 – Massage Minoxidil all over your beard area

Once you have applied the growth serum to your face, softly rub it into the area to ensure that the thin patches are covered. 

Step #5 – Wash your hands

Unless you want hairy knuckles, be sure to wash your hands well after applying. 

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How Many Times Per Day Can I Use Minoxidil?

Most treatments of Minoxidil recommend applying it twice a day. The same applies to scalp treatment. The best times to apply the serum every twelve hours. If this isn’t possible, you may use it once a day but be aware that it will take longer to see results. 

How Much Minoxidil Should I Use?

Depending on the type of application, this amount can vary. The normal dosage is 1ml per application. Follow the directions on the packaging for guidance. 

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How Long Does Minoxidil Need to Be on the Face?

There have been studies on how the scalp absorbs products. It is recommended to leave the product on for four hours. This allows for maximum absorption. After waiting for maximum absorption, wash it out and apply beard oil or conditioner. 

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How Long Does Minoxidil Beard Take?

There are many factors that go into how long it takes to grow a beard. Every man is different, so comparing your own results to others doesn’t help. However, it won’t happen overnight. For a normal man, it can take between six months and upwards of two years of regular use to grow a full beard. 

Is A Minoxidil Beard Permanent?

While studies show there are clear results from using Minoxidil as part of a beard growing regiment, there are some rumors that claim once you stop using the product, you will lose your beard. 

That can be a scary thought if you spend months and months working on getting the perfect beard only to lose it. The good news is that there is no proof of this theory. In fact, results have shown that men who have stopped busting Minoxidil for over a year still have their beards. 

How to Make Minoxidil More Effective for Beard Growth

Growing a beard will take time no matter what process you use. There are some ways to make the most of the process. Be sure that you are getting proper nutrition, sleeping properly, and exercising

Using Minoxidil most likely will dry out your skin, so busting peppermint oil not only helps to moisturize it but helps support healthy beard growth. Some people have also found success by using a Derma Roller to help support healthy skin and boost hair growth. 

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Can I Shave While Using Minoxidil?

There have been no substantial or noticeable differences in the growth rate. Shaving can make it more comfortable to apply the Minoxidil. But shaving or not shaving makes no difference in how the hair grows.


Even if you didn’t think that you could have the beard you’ve always wanted, Minoxidil could be a saving grace. Thousands of men have used Minoxidil and grown in full and permanent beards. 

Even though some people may think you are crazy for slathering your face with a scalp product, it has proven results time and time again. Using Minoxidil is an easy way to help you grow the beard that you have always wanted with a simple regimen. 

For all of your beard care needs, Beard Gains has everything you need to get your beard looking the way you want it to. 

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