Beard Brush

Made For A Man, Loved By Women

What is a beard brush?

A beard brush is a soft, hand-held brush that is designed for brushing facial hair.

What is beard brush made of?

This brush can be made of a soft bamboo, hardwood, or hard plastic and boar bristles.

What is it used for?

A beard brush is used to style beard. It makes doing general maintenance and shaping facial hair possible and easy. The firm bristles of a beard brush eliminate damaged hair and dead skin as well. This helps in exfoliating the skin underneath the beard while reducing dry, flaky and itchy skin.

How do you use it?

A beard brush should be used after applying other beard grooming products. Ideally, facial hair should be brushed in the morning and in the evening. An ideal brush has firm bristles that can brush through knots without damaging or breaking facial hair.  

What is this product best used with?

A beard brush is best used with other beard grooming products like beard oil and mustache wax.