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A Few Tips On How To Deal With an Itchy Beard

Itchy beards have plagued beard-growers since the dawn of time. In fact, It’s one of the most common reasons that many give up growing their manes out to epic proportions. Unbearable itching, rough beards, and troubled skin make you wonder if it’s really worth the effort. 

One of the primary reasons beards get itchy is poor care. But with proper attention and products, length and luxury are quite within reach.

Why is my beard so itchy?

Normal beard growth causes hairs to push through the skin, causing an itchy beard. Dry skin is even more of a problem, since poor moisturizing and colder weather cause irritation under the beard. This sets off a chain reaction, making the hair more brittle and weak as it grows. 

The wrong grooming products can further worsen dryness in the cold weather, sucking out moisture from the skin. Even when you shave, itchy stubble may occur. If the beard isn’t brushed regularly, in-grown beard hair can also cause itchiness.

Regardless of the cause, there are ways to prevent and fix an itchy beard. 

Here are our top ten cures to leaving your beard undeniably rich and sensuous.

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Clean often

It’s a fact of life that a busy man’s beard gets dirty. As you go about your day, natural oil secretions can accumulate along with dead skin cells in a beard during the course of the day. For those facing a rough environment, pollutants can irritate the skin and cause dryness and itchiness.

Treat your beard like you’d treat anything else you love. By giving the beard a dedicated wash every odd day, your TLC will cause any dead skin cells and damaged hair to be removed as natural dirt flushes down the drain. The cleanse will also help hydrate the beard and skin - all helping to prevent itchy facial hair. 

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Always condition

Using conditioner is another great itchy beard cure. There are many beard specific conditioners that come with moisturizing elements and other beneficial nutrients. These prevent the skin from irritating and boost hair health. It’s recommended to invest in a good beard conditioner (not for regular hair) and apply twice a day after washing. 


Though a conditioner is great for a morning and night routine, beards can still get dry during the day and it’s good to apply moisturizer to ensure this doesn’t happen. Using beard oils or moisturizers can help soften the hair and prevent it from irritating the skin. It also moisturizes the underlying skin and reduces any itchiness from dryness. A good moisturizer fixes an itchy beard, and stops itchy facial hair before it starts.

Beard Gains beard balm has great conditioning options to manage an unkempt beard. Beard balms use a moisturizing and sealing agent, adding softness and locking it in. The thick consistency not only adds softness, but a great luster and volume that stays.


Remedy beard itchiness by brushing it regularly. Investing in a good beard brush or comb will ensure all hairs are growing in the right direction and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and itchy stubble. Brushing also helps keep the hair smooth and shiny to help prevent any coarse ends from itching the skin.

Fix your diet

Beyond direct treatments and products to help prevent itchy beards, lifestyle changes can help fix the problem before it starts. Fixing one’s diet by using supplements like Biotin can help boost natural hair growth. Ingesting more food high in Vitamin C and E like oranges and kiwis boosts the production of sebum, a natural oil that helps lubricate and moisturize hair. Omega-3 fatty acids that are rich in foods like fish are important for normal hair growth and help prevent beards from becoming coarse, ingrowing, brittle and dry. 

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Avoid Stress

In addition to fixing one’s diet, reducing stress can help boost skin health and hair growth. Cortisol, which is released as a product of stress, can damage collagen in the skin. This makes skin drier and causes itchy beards. 

Poor sleep and lack of exercise can also cause hormonal imbalances in the body that can then increase the chances of itchy facial hair. So, kick back and relax for a better beard.

Avoid bad products

Bad grooming products can also cause damage and beard itchiness. Unreliable brands and low-quality products are doing you and your mane no favor. For example, using soap bars or regular hair shampoos can dry out beard hair and the underlying skin. This will make the hair brittle and itchy. In general, avoid products that are used for head hair and focus on purchasing products specifically made for beards and facial skin. At Beard Gains, all our products are organic. 

Clean your linens often

One of the most surprising reasons for an itchy beard can be dirty bedding. Pillows can hold a lot of dirt, dust, and dead skin cells. These particles, along with bacteria, are then transferred onto beards while you sleep. This irritates the hair and skin. The build-up of this dirt over the night can start to clog pores and create rashes. Take this as another opportunity to impress your date with a clean crash pad and beard. Scratch your face when you’re thinking - not because you’re dirty.

Have a beard grooming routine

The simplest remedy to avoiding an itchy beard is establishing a routine. The various tips above are just half the solution. The other half will be ensuring there’s a consistent grooming routine so that over time the beard is healthy and well-nourished. Don’t wait until you’ve got an emergency for the beard police - use the right balms and nourishment every day to avoid any beard tragedies.


If an itchy beard persists, there are more direct treatments that can help solve the irritation. Cortisone, for example, is great at reducing inflammations and rashes. Any ingrown hairs and remaining stubble can also be removed by using tweezers. 

Itchy beards are a natural part of beard growth and everyone will experience it at some point. However, there are many ways to reduce and even prevent an itchy beard. It all starts with having a consistent routine of care that ensures one’s beard and skin is clean, nourished, and well moisturized. 

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