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Why Does My Beard Have Split Ends?

If you’re dealing with a long beard for the first time, you’ve probably noticed some stubborn split ends pop up as it grows longer. Even short beards, without proper care, can develop split ends and leave you with frizzy results.

Split ends are a nuisance to an otherwise epic beard, and there are multiple reasons they can appear. We’ll cover the five common reasons your beard has split ends and show you how to fix it!

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Your Diet Affects Your Beard.

Your diet is a significant part of maintaining a healthy beard.

Hair consists of a protein called keratin, and when your diet doesn’t have enough protein, you’ll notice it in your hair—a brittle, dry beard is likely caused by your diet.

To fix this, consume more protein to reinforce the strength of your beard. Try eating lean poultry, seafood, eggs, yogurt, and milk. Vegetarian options include lentils, edamame, and quinoa, which are all rich in protein.

Regular Shampoo Isn’t Designed for Beards.

They’re made for the hair on your head—beard hair has a different chemistry. Many regular shampoos will strip away moisture and natural sebum, drying out your beard.

To fix this, use gentle shampoo designed for beards, and follow it up with a high-quality beard oil and balm.

Beard shampoo gently cleans your beard and the skin underneath it. When choosing a beard shampoo, look for one without SLS—Sodium Lauryl Sulfate—which is a detergent that strips your hair of moisture and sebum.

But remember, like with any product, it’s possible to overdo it. Slowly cut down how often you shampoo your beard until you find your sweet spot—this is where your hair is clean but still staying hydrated. We typically recommend starting with two or three times a week; however, the thickness of your hair factors in here. The thinner your beard hair, the more often you’ll need to shampoo it.

Longer Beards Mean More Split Ends.

Every beard follicle has sebaceous glands at its root. Those glands produce a nourishing oil for your skin and beard, and they only produce a limited amount each day. Once your beard gets to a certain length, the sebaceous glands can’t produce enough sebum to cover the root and shaft, causing your beard to dry out and produce split ends.

To fix this, trim your beard regularly using the right tools. Use a clean, oiled beard trimmer and a sharp pair of trimming scissors. When possible, use the scissors over the trimmers—they can chew through your hair rather than cleanly slice it.

You can trim it every week or two by cutting away any strands of hair that show signs of splitting. Now is also a great time to trim the faster-growing hairs sticking out of your beard. Alternatively, if you get terrible split ends, rocking a shorter beard might be an option.

An older man with a long beard

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You’re Using the Wrong Combs (And Combing Too Often).

Plastic combs and combs that frequently tug at your beard are detrimental to your beard’s health and can cause split ends. Plus combing it too often causes issues, too. When you comb your beard the right amount, you’ll spread beard oil and natural sebum throughout your hair, maximizing your beard health. However, too much combing can damage your hair cuticles, especially when you’re not using a high-quality beard comb.

To fix this, use an animal horn or saw-cut comb, and don’t overdo it—comb your beard a maximum of three to four times per day.

All combs are not the same. Plastic combs, which are the most widely available, are also the most damaging. They may be cheap, but they also have microscopic jagged edges that can tear your hair, creating split ends.

On the other hand, saw-cut combs have smooth edges that easily glide through your beard. The rounded tips help massage your skin, which encourages sebum production and beard growth.

Natural horn combs, made from keratin, can help close your cuticles, prevent tangles, and reduce static, all which can help you get rid of those beard split ends.

The longer and thicker your bears, the wider space you’ll need between the comb’s teeth. Medium and wide gaps between them will discourage tugging, which can lead to split ends.

Finish your combing with a boar bristle beard brush to untangle, straighten, and shape your beard.

Dyeing Your Beard? You Might Be Damaging It.

Sometimes your genetics decide it’s time for some gray hairs, and you might not be ready to sport that look yet. However, hair dye causes damage by opening up your cuticles to let the color in, making them look weak and ragged. Exposure to some chemicals found in hair dye can also severely dry out your hair, which leads to split ends.

To fix this—and no you don’t have to stop dying it—you’ll have to put in some extra effort to keep your beard healthy. Since hair dye dries out your beard, you’ll need to restore what was lost.

Be vigilant about maintenance. Don’t go a day without beard oil and shampoo and condition as needed. Beard oil can help prevent split ends by supplementing your beard’s natural sebum. It consists of a carrier oil and (optionally) essential oils for fragrance.

Then, we recommend following the oil up with a beard balm, which provides an extra layer of nourishment. The wax found in beard balm seals in moisture, smooths cuticles, and makes your beard more manageable.

Keep Your Beard Healthy With Beard Gains

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If you want to rock a stylish, sleek beard without worrying about split ends, beard care products are the key. After all, you want to look dapper, not like Tom Cruise in Cast Away, right?

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Growing a healthy beard without the right beard care products is a challenging task—the health and fullness of your beard are determined by two things: the products you use and your genetics.

While we can’t change your genetics, we can provide you with the best beard care products and tips on how to get the best results—like getting rid of split ends!

Grow a thicker, fuller beard free of split ends with our beard care kits—They include everything you need to be on your way to a strong, healthy beard!

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