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World Championship Full Beards

In this final part of the series, we look at the Full Beard category in all its glory and see what it takes to grow a beard of champions.    Full Beard Natural For those who love to go au naturel, then this is the beard for you as the rule of thumb, or beard is the more natural the better. The beard can't be highlighted in any way and must not be curled under the chin at the bottom. No styling aids are allowed so no trimmers, combing, waxing, nothing, nowt, nada, just pure grown manly hair. Lumberjacks your time has come.    Full Beard Styled Moustache If you need a little bit of styling to your beard then maybe you should think about going for this category as although the beard itself must be as natural as possible and no styling aids are allowed, the mustache can be tinkered with. The hairs of the mustache must not grow 1.5 cm past the side of the mouth and be distinct from the beard and can be grown in the Dali, Hungarian, English, and Imperial styles. You are allowed to get your beard combs, brushes and any other styling equipment you may need but only for the mustache.
Verdi One step up from the last beard, this needs a bit more attention to detail as the beard must be full, short and rounded at the bottom which should be no longer than 10 cm from the lower lip. Competitors would do well to employ a full beard grooming kit in this category. The hairs of the mustache can only grow from 1.5 cm from the side of the mouth and must be distinct from the beard. So, in a nutshell, this is the full beard for the modern day man who wishes to go full on but still tame the beast at the same time, and no, you don't need to have a love of opera to enter this category.
Garibaldi The restrictions in this particular category are that the beard is wide and rounded and no longer than 20 cm from the lower lip. The mustache must be attached to the beard and not styled in any way. Also, the beard mustn't curl at the bottom. The more natural the better in this category and no styling aids are allowed. A word to our English competitors, there is no requirement to eat the biscuits but if you do bring them along they will surely be appreciated.
Full Beard Freestyle This is the big daddy, the no holds barred beard of beards. Everything and anything is allowed in this category and any competitors who don't meet the criteria for the other categories get their chance to shine here as any length, styling aid or indeed creation is allowed and it has become the home of the true beard enthusiast. If your looking to go to town in any way shape or form that you wish then this is your Mecca. So there you have it, all the categories in the Beard Championships. Choose your beard and grow on my bearded brothers, grow on.

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