Mustache wax is an important “beard” styling product that usually comes in various manly scented aromas. The reason we quoted “beard” in the previous sentence is because a mustache is not a beard per say, but it is the roof to the home of your beard, the top hat to a tux, and what better way to showcase the importance of a mustache other than the exquisitely styled, luxurious Van Dyke Beard (which we have a comb for).

What is mustache wax?

Mustache wax refers to stiff pomade that is applied on mustache as a grooming product or aid.

What is it made of?

This wax can be made of numerous ingredients including beeswax, natural fragrance, lanolin, and jojoba oil.

What is the purpose of it?

Mustache wax is used to hold beard in place, particularly in the extremities. It also helps in styling hair. The stiffness or strength of the required mustache wax depends on the whisker length as well as the desired mustache style.

How do you apply mustache wax?

How mustache wax is applied depends on the desired style. For instance, you can heat the wax and apply it using your fingers or rub it in your hands to warm it up. Apply mustache wax from the center moving to the edges. For a natural look, apply a moderate amount on the mustache without twisting the ends. Work in the wax with a mustache comb and blow-dry it to give your facial hair a more natural look. For a handlebar look, apply more wax and twist edges of your mustache into a point. Grab mustache from the base and twist it if you have long hair. Don’t blow-dry your mustache because doing so will soften it. Just work the tips of your mustache into curls or any style that you desire.

Our luxury mustache wax comes in four different colors, why you ask? We do this to match all the different mustache hair colors that men tend to grow. The idea (a great one at that) is to accommodate black, red, brown, and blonde facial hairs. Mustache wax is used more so as a styling product but it is important to know that is also has conditioning properties. It is an essential beard care product for wild upper lip hairs that don’t like to behave.

The best way to sculpt the perfect mustache masterpiece is to use a mustache comb to scrape out the wax and evenly apply a generous amount from the middle of your glorious handlebars to the very tips of the mustache. A mustache comb makes controlling and shaping your facial hair way easier.

What is this product best used with?

Mustache wax is best used with mustache comb to work it in and beard conditioner to soften this facial hair.