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Should I Shave My Beard? The Truth Revealed

Are you debating over whether or not to throw up your hands and shave off the beard you’ve been painstakingly working to grow out for months? At the end of it all, it's entirely up to you to decide whether or not starting the process all over again is worth it, but it’s a big enough decision that it shouldn’t be taken lightly or made on the fly. You worked hard to grow and groom your beard, after all. So be sure to think over all of your options before grabbing your razor and shaving cream, and don’t forget to ask yourself the fundamental question: Why am I thinking of shaving off my beard in the first place? 

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Reasons to Consider Shaving

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Several situations and important events can come up where you may find yourself wondering whether or not it would be best to shave off your beard. Some of these events include:


The answer to this question sincerely depends on whether or not the wedding you’ll be attending is yours, or somebody else’s. If it’s your wedding, talk to the bride to get her opinion before making a decision. This is just one of the many choices you two should make together during this process.

However, if you are attending someone else’s wedding (with a date), it’s best to follow the meard rule. A meard is a beard that has been grown out over one month. If your beard is less than a month old, shave it off, and if it’s older, clean it up a little bit to make it look nice. Trim it a bit, clean the neckline up, and consider using some oil. But, if you happen to be attending someone’s wedding as a single man and are looking to connect with a lucky single lady, consider shaving your beard ten days before the wedding and letting it grow out in the meantime. This recommendation comes from a study released by the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre, which indicates that women tend to find 10-day beards to be the sexiest.


The rule with funerals is that you keep up your appearance as part of paying your respects. The general, easy-to-follow rule here is to shave off a beard that is a month old or less (the meard rule) and use unscented beard oil to make older beards look presentable during the service.

You’ve got a hot date

This circumstance throws many guys off, but all you have to do here is clean up the edges and make it look presentable. There’s usually no need to undergo a full shave for a date, especially since so many women love beards and think they make men look more sexually appealing.

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Job interviews

People can develop their first impressions of another person in under seven seconds, which can definitely come into play when job interviews are involved. If you have an interview coming up, shave off your beard if it’s only about a month or so old. If it’s older, conduct some research on LinkedIn. Look up “People who work at” and the name of your prospective company, and go through their profile pictures. If there are some guys sporting stubble or full-on facial hair, you may be off the hook. But be sure to look for policies for the different jobs you’re applying for as well.

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Again, keep the idea of first impressions in mind. If you’re going to court for something as minor as a speeding ticket, just make sure your beard is well-kempt if you have one. If you’re going for a more significant issue, it may be easier just to shave everything off, so you don’t have to worry about it. This isn’t a truly hard and fast rule, however, especially for those growing a yeard (a beard that grows for a year). Just make sure to get a trim and use some oil or balm to make it look presentable.

No shave November

“No shave November” is a time of the year when men get together and grow out their facial hair in support of cancer awareness. It’s a fantastic campaign that all beard enthusiasts should look into and consider participating in.

Did You Mess Up? Minimize Before You Remove

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If you happen to be considering shaving just because you made a small maintenance mistake or two, consider minimizing your beard before you go and start shaving everything off. The damage probably isn’t quite as bad as you think and likely won’t require you to get rid of everything to start from scratch. Consider visiting a barber to help you get it cleaned up if you can’t seem to get it right on your own.

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Don’t Forget, it Will Grow Back

No matter what you decide to do, focus on staying calm and remember that it’s not the end of the universe; your beard will grow back. It will take a bit of time and maybe a little more patience than you want to give, but it will grow back. By the time everything has been said and done, it may even end up looking better than it did before. Especially if you make use of the killer products offered by Beard Gains.

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