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Is Olive Oil Good for Your Beard? Everything You Need to Know

I know. You’re probably looking at the title of this article with a puzzled face. Now you’re wondering, “Can olive oil be good for my beard?”

The answer is yes. Olive oil has many properties that can help your beard maintain its smooth look and strengthen it in the process. You’ve probably heard myths about olive oil, so we’re here to debunk them for you.

Today you’ll learn about the advantages of using olive oil for your beard. We’ll also give you tips for applying it and how you can use it in conjunction with our other products.

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What Is Olive Oil?

I’m sure you’ve come across olive oil at some point. But if you haven’t, olive oil is a popular oil that many people use for cooking. Olive oil has fatty acids that make it one of the healthiest oils to consume.

Olive oil is filled with Vitamin E, which helps fight against infections. It also has anti-fungal properties and antioxidants that prevent acne breakouts

As you can see, these small benefits alone make olive oil great for your overall health. But now, we’ll look at how olive oil is beneficial for your beard.

How Does Olive Oil Work?

As many know, olive oil is primarily used for cooking, mainly in the Mediterranean diet. Due to its fatty acids ratio, it makes it one of the healthiest oils to consume. Also, when you add in its antioxidant properties, it elevates its benefits even more.

According to a study conducted in 2013, when a group of men switched their primary fat source to olive oil for two weeks, the result showed their testosterone levels increased by 17%. Also, their luteinizing hormone, which is needed to produce testosterone, increased by 42%.

Another review of olive oil beard benefits done in 2017 indicated that olive oil has a moisturizing effect on your beard because it penetrates the hair shaft and locks in moisture.

From seeing those results, your eyes may open widely at the possibility of olive oil benefitting your beard because testosterone triggers facial hair growth. So any increase in its levels could potentially improve your beard’s appearance.

However, because olive oil is heavy, it may not absorb well into your hair, especially coarse facial hair. So using too much could leave you with clogged pores and a greasy unpleasant-looking beard.

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Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Your Beard

Choosing beard oils for your beard can be tricky because you have to take a few things into account, such as:

  • Compatibility with your skin
  • The type of oil you want
  • Your beard goals
  • Particular oil benefits

  • All of these reasons can turn you away from choosing a beard oil, and that’s understandable. But if you use olive oil, you won’t have to worry about that. Here are some other benefits to using olive oil for your beard.

    A Natural Moisturizer

    Having a dry beard is a terrible feeling. It can cause unnecessary skin irritation. Using olive oil can help reduce the itchiness because it’s an emollient.

    When you apply olive oil to your beard, it nurtures your hair and the pores underneath your skin. You can also use it with our other beard oils to maximize your beard and skin glow.

    Keeps Your Beard Shiny

    A shiny beard is a healthy beard, and women love seeing a nice, lustrous beard. You’ll get that from adding olive oil to your beard care routine

    It keeps your beard shiny longer than other products. You won’t have to worry about consistent product application to maintain a polished look.

    Increases Beard Growth

    When you start growing a beard, the goal is to develop a full beard. Full beards give you confidence and also let others know that you mean business.

    If you want to increase your beard size, use olive oil. Remember it has Vitamin E, which does more than fight infections. It will also stimulate your hair follicles, promoting beard growth.

    Your beard won’t grow any faster, but it will be stronger and fuller if you use olive oil.

    Makes it Easier to Style Your Beard

    When you use olive oil on your beard, it becomes softer. A softer beard means that it’s easier to style. There won’t be any more tugging and pulling when you comb or brush your beard. You can also use our beard products to help you with different style options.

    Barber trimming beard

    If you’re suffering from an itchy beard, check out these tips from Beard Gains to learn how to relieve the irritation!

    Simple DIY Olive Oil Beard Oil Recipe

    Now that you understand the benefits of olive oil, here is a simple DIY recipe you can use if you want to test out its effectiveness in your beard care routine. All you need is a small dropper bottle, olive oil, jojoba oil, and essential oils to give it a pleasant smell.

    The recipe is as follows:

  • Fill up one-third of your dropper bottle with olive oil
  • Add in two-thirds of jojoba oil 
  • Add in some drops of your essential oil
  • Jojoba oil is excellent to use in conjunction with olive oil because it has a faster absorption rate and is lighter than olive oil. Also, essential oils can help overpower the bitter scent of olive oil. Try out a few combinations to see which is suited to your beard.

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    Applying Olive Oil to Your Beard

    Now that you know what olive oil can do for your beard, it’s time to talk about applying it to your beard. You will have to go through trial and error to figure out the best amount for your beard. But, don’t worry. The process isn’t complex at all. 

    Clean Your Beard

    Before you start applying olive oil, make sure to clean your beard and the skin underneath. Open up your pores with warm water. It helps the oil get deeper into your facial pores. After, pat your beard dry with a paper towel.

    Warm Up the Oil

    Add a few drops of olive oil and one of our beard oils to your palm. Rubbing your hands together will heat the oil.


    Now, begin applying it to your beard. Work your way from your roots to the tip of your beard. Use small circular motions to increase the area which the oil can cover. 

    You can also use a comb to make sure that oil distribution is even. You don’t want any excessive oil clumps on your beard.


    Leave the olive oil on your face for a few hours or overnight. Afterward, rinse your face off and pat your beard dry with a paper towel. Regular towels carry bacteria that could cause skin irritation.

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    Man that has a full beard with grey tips

    Things to Remember

    You can repeat the olive oil application process a few times a week, but be careful of excessive use. You’ll also want to remember a few things before you start using olive oil:

  • Make sure that you’re not allergic to olives
  • Do a patch test to see if your skin is compatible with olive oil
  • For maximum effectiveness, combine it with one of our beard oils

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    Are There Risks To Using Olive Oil In Your Beard?

    Since olive oil is a natural and safe ingredient to eat, there is no harm in using it on your beard. However, there are rare cases where people may be allergic to olives themselves, in which case you should stay away.

    If you’re suffering from a condition like dermatitis or have sensitive skin, olive oil may not be the best product for you to use since there have been reports of bad skin reactions. However, these were rare situations.

    It’s important to note that olive oil does have an expiration date, so you can’t use it forever. It typically lasts for 1-2 years after purchase, which is fine if you use it for cooking.

    However, when you use it cosmetically, usage rates will be slower. So ensure your product isn’t expired before applying it to your beard.

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    Use Olive Oil to Get Beard Gains

    Olive oil can be an excellent addition to your beard care routine. It will stimulate growth and will keep your beard looking shiny and healthy. 

    We’ve debunked all of the myths for you, so now it’s time to take your beard to the next level. Check out our products to use in combination with olive oil to give you a master class beard.

    You can also contact us here so you can learn more information about beard care and styling tips. 

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