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Using Vitamin E Oil for Your Beard

As the men’s grooming industry has grown over the last few years, there has been an acute fascination with beards. Beards help many men with their confidence and get them more attention from women.

A great way to keep your beard in top form is by using beard oils. They keep your beard looking shiny and healthy. Beard oils also help your skin maintain a healthy glow. However, another oil can take your beard to the next level, and it’s vitamin E oil.

Vitamin E oil has many properties that can aid the strength and lustrous nature of your beard. Continue reading to learn more about why you should use vitamin E oil to enhance your beard care routine.

What Is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a vitamin found in most foods that we eat, such as:

  • Meats
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs

  • There are eight different chemical compounds in vitamin E, but the most common ones are gamma-Tocopherol and alpha-Tocopheral

    Gamma-Tocopherol is usually found in the diets of North Americans, while alpha-Tocopheral is the natural form of vitamin E

    Alpha-Tocopheral is the chemical compound in vitamin E oils that our bodies produce. It has antioxidant properties that can be beneficial for our skin.

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    Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Your Beard

    As we’ve stated, vitamin E oil can do wonders for your skin. But it can also help your beard because of the other properties it contains. Let’s look at some of the beard benefits.

    Reduces Beardruff

    Beardruff or beard dandruff is annoying to deal with. It occurs when your beard becomes dry and itchy due to a build-up of dead skin cells.

    Using vitamin E oil will help you deal with beardruff. Vitamin E oil will hydrate and nourish your beard and skin, relieving itchiness and beardruff.

    Use it to Treat Bread Split Ends

    Like a woman, your beard needs proper care and attention. If you don’t take care of it, it’ll become damaged split ends will develop. Split ends are caused by using detrimental products to treat your beards, such as head shampoo or a blow dryer.

    Because vitamin E oil moisturizes your beard, it’ll keep your beard nice and smooth, preventing any damage from occurring. For a better outcome to your split end treatment, use vitamin E oil with one of our beard oils.

    Promotes Hair Growth

    Massaging your face and beard with vitamin E oil will increase blood circulation in those areas. As a result, it enhances the amount of hair that your beard will grow. 

    Also, thanks to its anti-aging properties, vitamin E oil can delay the time it takes for grey patches to develop in your beard.

    Improves Your Beard’s Thickness

    All men want a thick beard. Having a good-looking beard will get you some attention, but a thick beard will take that attention to the next level.

    Your beard is constantly exposed to environmental elements, like the weather and air pollution. That makes it harder to keep your beard’s thickness at a consistent level. 

    Remember that vitamin E oil has antioxidant properties that will enhance your skin and your hair. So using it during your beard care routine combined with our beard oils will give your fuller beard hairs, resulting in a thicker beard.

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    Applying Vitamin E Oil to Your Beard

    Applying vitamin E oil to your beard is a straightforward process. You know the properties and how the oil can help your beard, so it’s time to begin the application process.

    Make Sure To Clean Your Beard

    As with any beard treatment you do, make sure that your beard is clean. Wash your face with warm water, opening up your pores. If your beard is clean, it will give the vitamin E oil a better chance to work its magic. 

    Heat the Oil

    After you finish cleaning your beard, it’s time to get the oil ready. You won’t need a microwave to heat it up. 

    Mix some drops of vitamin E oil and our beard oil in your hands and rub them together. It makes it easier to apply the oils to your beard.

    Applying the Oil

    When applying vitamin E oil to your beard, start at the base of your beard. Work your way to the end of your beard hairs using circular motions to increase how much of your beard is covered.

    If you’re not satisfied with the oil distribution, use a comb to spread out the oil evenly.

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    Some Key Tips

    Throughout your beard care routine, trial and error have been how you learned about what works for your beard. Vitamin E oil is no different. 

    Make sure that you consider your beard length when applying the oil. You don’t want a case where you use too much or too little. A recommended amount to use is between 2 - 5 drops if you’re bottle has a dropper. That’s about the size of a dime.

    What Kind of Vitamin E Oil Should You Use?

    As we mentioned above, vitamin E is in many foods that we eat today. But the best source to extract the oil comes from plants. For most, the best vitamin E oil to add to your beard oils is an extract that derives from wheat germ oil.

    Since it’s a natural source, you’ll gain all of the beneficial properties without compromising your beard and skin health. But ensure that as you select a vitamin E oil to add to your routine, you stay away from synthetic oils extracted from sunflower seeds and soybeans.

    Remember, these oils can get rancid very quickly and could irritate your skin or potentially cause an infection.

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    How Much Vitamin E Oil Should You Apply To Your Beard?

    To capitalize on your vitamin E oil benefits, it would be best not to directly apply it to your beard as a substitute for your other beard oils. Instead, add a few drops of it to one of your premade or DIY beard oils.

    For application, add a little bit of the combination in your hands. Next, rub your hands together and distribute the oil evenly into your beard and skin, or you can use a beard comb to cover more ground.

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    Vitamin E Oil Will Get You the Beard You’ve Always Wanted

    Using vitamin E oil and our Beard Gains products together will get you a fantastic beard. You’ll walk down the street turning heads because of how clean and healthy your beard looks. That’s what you’ve been aiming for.

    Make sure you check out our products to see which will be great to use with vitamin E oil. Also, contact us if you’re curious about other in-depth beard information.

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